Congo in Frames

It was an obligatory visit to the Art 21 Saturday last week after I did some hall measuring for upcoming events. And what I saw there was quite someting else, photography of Congo by the photographers, Alex Majoli and Paolo Pellegrin.

There was unexplained feeling when I stood in front of those photographs. The emotion of those portraits, the scenes, the landscapes, is just beyond words. I personally have more interest in to food (of course), travel and lifestyle photography, but Congo took my attention how to capture human beautifully. Deep and alive.




FYI, if you heard about Congo, there is two countries called Congo. The bigger one, the immense Democratic Republic of Congo, previously known as Zaire, the former Belgian colony, whose capital is Kinshasa. But Majoli and Pellegrin’s Congo is the other one, the Republic of Congo, the former French colony, whose capital is Brazzaville.

My favourite photograph is just below this sentence. How beautiful the emotion in that scene, o my word.








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