Apart of “I have tried eight, nope, ten times to sing ‘All I Ask’ properly today” on this app and failed (oh, if you like to sing like… *coughing*), there was another annoying moment when I cooked pancake yesterday. Since I had an idea to enjoy pancakes for breakfast yet failed because I NEED A NEW STAINLESS STEEL PAN please!! :( even after I putted a tiny slice of butter before I dropped the dough, it didn’t work. Sigh, an old pan had scattered the pancake :( I know it’s time to pick a new pan if I have money :P, sure will doooo!

Rather than wondering scattered pancake, let me share images of pancake from my brekkie months ago. I found them when I searched for something ‘blog-worthy’ for upcoming post. All was taken with an iPhone.



Is it only me that think ‘All I Ask’ is the best song from Adele’s 25? If you never listen that song, check this cover. Ssst, ‘All I Ask’ has played 20 times from my iTunes :D

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