Three and Four



Once again, HNY everyone!

Who’s with me that was so excited yesterday when found that Ed Sheeran had announced he’ll drop his new music this Friday?! Can’t wait righhht? 

I’m hoping we all have a good start and 2017 brings a lot of wonderful surprises! Beside that I’m hoping too I can improve the content of this blog this year with more deliberate and thoughtful posts, yummy food!, and one of the particular thing I’d like to push is clearer pictures. A new camera is on his way! *closinge-Bay* . The reason why I really want to get a new camera + quality lenses is come on, it’s 2017!, nope, that’s not the reason. I feel like really, I need to upgrade the quality of my pictures here to be more and more sharper and more visually interesting. Don’t want to say that I’m so obsessed wishing a blog like Alice Gao (holy shit her lenses are sick!) but as a visual person, I’ll easily fall in love with a blog that has appealing photos on it. I believe that I’ll make my time more for this blog this year when I get a new gear :P promise!

You guys can count my preamble as one of my NY resolution, too.

K right here, on this post, I specifically wanted to express what I feel about two favourite humans a.k.a my very very good and best friend that having birthdays on third and fourth of January. Though I grew up without one single birthday celebration in my family’s culture but this day, I feel I should celebrate and express more about my feeling to people I love. And I think remembering somebody’s birthday is as sweet as a ripe red cherry!

The idea of this post was born after I read a message on my iPhone when my very best friend, Ruli, stated how grateful he was on his birthday September last year. Me and two other bestfriends, Winda and Maya agreed to send him a green tea cheese cake then. When I saw his face on the picture Winda sent to our group, I said to myself that’s true what people say: “They may forget a thing you give them but they’ll never forget how you make them feel”.

Let me not lie to you that two gifts on this post are just props :P one of them is a Chanel perfume box *coughing*. I’m gonna pick some gifts for Andreas Knogler and Yuriko Liao for their birthdays while you guys can read what my wishes are below (gonna pick real b’day gifts, promise!. I’ll ask another best friend of mine, Rifda, to accompany me sending something for Yuriko :)).

I’ll end this post with nothing to say but grateful for my friendships with both of them is this touched enough? :P



celebratelife31 celebratelife32celebratelife4celebratelife5.

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