Once In A While

…just to love yourself, am I right?…


After had a quite rough week I decided to send myself a gift (I’m not trying to be exaggerated but what if I tell you I had to use staircase more than six times to 6th floor cause the lift was stopped (at midnight!!) when I was directing my team to finish a book launch). I’ve been very straight recently not to buy new things (I’m really trying not to break my vow, spending money for an iPhoneX. Wish me luck! oh this doesn’t count please) but again, once in a while because why not.

I finally gave myself a thing I’d been eyeing for after I met the same bag but in black, three times at three different stores. I kept saying no to myself cause “well, I still could manage a tote bag I got in Kyoto” “a bit faded, anyway”“but, you had a bigger one the same brand, but you left it in Indonesia, so?” till I came to the last store yesterday and said “where’s my new baby? :)”

It wasn’t because my very good friend, Reza, did the same thing by giving himself a gift by flying to Stockholm today (yes, flying to Sweden!, I’m fine Za tho sometimes #YouAreNotNiceZabut giving ourselves a gift to appreciate hard work we’ve done is a nice thing.




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