Hey, It’s Been A While


Two things.

One, I just came back from my two weeks vacation: two different countries, two different continents! I can’t thank enough to the universe for all memories and lessons learnt. As always, it makes me craving more of where’s next!

Two, anyone could help to wake me up and say hello to a real life? I mean, it never has been easy to face a real life after vacation but the truth is I had great time a week in Cape Town and a week in Hong Kong. When I was on my flight back to Lagos, I couldn’t stop smiling and said to myself, “hey real life, I can’t be more excited to face you this time around!”

In case you wonder why, because I already thought of some new countries to visit when I was on the plane (wait, I never calculate all my expenses noted on my iPhone :P).

Before I share stories and for sure, photographs from Cape Town and Hong Kong, here are some photos from 12 hours in a city I visited last year on spring :)



I had 20 hours lay over in Istanbul and the good thing was I landed in the morning so wondering around the city for 12 hours was so good :). It felt so great for being there, some last year memories were came out in my mind (tho in the end my legs were like, gosh!). I didn’t take a free tour cause the one available didn’t fit my time (you could join if you have more than 6 hours transit flying with Turkish Airlines, free of charge. Just because some places I already paid a visit last year so there was no point :)) also, I’m kind of person who love to visit the same place for a simply thing: remembering particular moment such as sitting nearby Galata bridge staring at sunset of Bosphorus Strait, which reminded me the first day I met Saf and Hakan :).

I can’t wait to share travel stories and photographs from Cape Town!

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