Clifton Beach

“I spent few hours at Clifton till very subtle sunset was brighten the day”


A week spent in Cape Town was one of my slowest travel styles as I did not have a must-visit list and high expectation of the city. Every time I travel to a new country, I always try not to put high expectation cause I feel some surprises I’ll find there are more interesting. Even before I flew to Cape Town, I didn’t really have a clear idea where to visit though I did a little research for the itinerary (of course for a visa purpose, what else). But when I was there, I kept doing the same thing every day: woke up, checked map and cost for Uber to a chosen destination, and followed what my heart said. 

I paid a visit to Clifton on my third day after I went to Bo-Kaap for less than an hour since it’s quite close to the hostel I stayed. That day was quite gloomy, and I wasn’t so sure to spend my day at the beach (what was the point if it were raining then?) until I saw the weather changed a bit. After 20 minutes Uber ride from the hostel, I arrived at Clifton Beach 4. The area has 4 beaches named 1 to 4, that would make it easier which area you want to explore first.

I was pretty enjoyed when I lingered around there. I gasped a few times looking at those beautiful houses facing the ocean which made me knew that Clifton is an exclusive residential area where the most expensive real estate in South Africa located.



Cause I didn’t prepare myself for beach time, I came to Clifton wearing my very comfy Zara cloth trousers (it made me easy to climb those huge rocks), light tee, and leather bag. This sounds so stupid right now but really, I came just to have some scenery photos.



The simplest thing that made me grateful when I was there was I could simply sit on the bench hearing how magical the ocean sounded. It was a moment when I said to myself there a lot of things in life I need to be grateful for.

I came and found a brighter sky then it changed a bit gloomy again till I saw a subtle sunset before I ended my visit. It reminded me that in this life, we just need to let the universe shows different scenes without asking too much. And somehow, it could be unpredictably beautiful.


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