A Gentle Reminder

Yesterday evening I was faraway from my own room for an upcoming project that will be held next week. I had a quite slow yet tight day to sort some of technical needs from noon till evening and ended with a small cheap hotel room to spend one night at. A hotel room with funny looking purple floral bed and I don’t know what shades of purple and orange on the wall. It was kinda “Let’s manage” room (fellas, kindly note that money speaks in any way) but the worst part of my stay: how hard the bed was (no no, not only that but I didn’t have coffee in the morning, so count this as the worst).

When I woke up the next day I was like “Hell what, this feels like 50 years old back”. I landed yesterday evening back to this city and couldn’t be happier to sleep in my own room. I mean, no matter how far you’ve traveled, no matter how often, home is the best place to be back to, right?




I’m still trying to tidy up my room here although still have some adjustments in progress. Thru the process of it, I realized that filling or decorating a room would give some random ideas how to place this and that, how to install this and that, how this should be, why I didn’t get that furniture instead and bla bla bla. That gives me a gentle reminder that the process for my own house would be more complicated. I know I’ve been mentioning this thing many times but truly, I can’t wait to start hopefully by February next year. Although I know doing that would take time and of course, budget (as I wish I had endless budget with me!) I’ll try to do it slowly but later will give me as close as the picture of what I call a ‘home’ I’ve imagined through my taste and personality.

Oh yes, I have Ed Sheeran’s picture on the wall. I didn’t photograph my bed since I never buy duvet and fabric for curtain :)

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