As Simple As This Asparagus

How easy but tasty. You just need a minute stir-frying with olive oil, that’s it…


I pretty love to wake up on Sunday morning with a warm sunshine through my window, blue sky but not too bright. It makes me feel more relax than wake up with gloomy rainy morning like today. It was pouring last night and the grey sky is lasted till I’m writing this sentence. I don’t mind to be honest cause I woke up early with my latest morning ritual (read: playing fav songs loud with Harman Kardon mini speaker).

It’s 10.45am here and I’m literally having my second cup of black coffee with chocolate cookies. Still listening some favorite songs wishing my Sunday is moving slowly. I never make my breakfast, thinking something easy like the one I had few days ago, just some asparagus. One minute stir-fried served with omelette, sprinkled with chili flakes and pomegranate.



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