Packed And Go…

One thing I’ve been trying to do recently is managing my time to cook three different meals at the same time. I tried once last week when I cooked a bit late (sure, it was exhausting cause I did it after I had a long day) and found that it saved my time a lot. I ate different meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and lasted for two/three days. Tho it was a bit “managed-managed” (I promise, it was a bit hard to do cause I like spending money for food) but truly, it saved much of my time. I didn’t have to cook every time I get home cause what I needed was to warm manually on the pan (I have no microwave in the moment :|).

Another thing I’m trying to do is saving my time for breakfast without losing the essence of it. Cause you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And sometimes when I wake up from a looooong day and take my coffee slowly on the bed with few times Call It What You Want from my iPad, a pack of fruitful breakfast is all I need. Take a shower, spray Blue de Chanel and off I go…

I was so stoked I could speak with Judith, my best friend whose birthday is today! She spent a beautiful day with a sunset in Catalunya…she told me before we ended our phone call, “I’d see a friend I met in Japan this Christmas Azis…we’ll see in Morocco” oh, should I pack my backpack and run from here that day…:P

Dinner With A Bowl Of Cheat


Although you have seen a few healthy food scenes I’ve been documenting for this blog, there is a time I want to have a little cheat for myself…

Don’t worry, those healthy food scenes aren’t false. FYI food is one of those things that I could be so picky at but you know, sometimes I could be like anyone else who would say “that’s okay, once in a while”.

Pretending it’s not a big deal to cheat ourself once in a while.


Dinner with instant noodle isn’t a good idea I know, but trust me, I cooked the broth from the scratch with definitely no msg added. The green aka Chinese cabbage wasn’t an accessory (that’s how mostly Indonesian cook instant noodle with). Also, imagine having this hot noodle when it’s pouring outside with a sweet hot tea in your room. I mean it’s okay right, once in a while?

Yesterday At Nok

I had a quite pleasant yesterday cause one, could wake up a bit late (what else’s better than stick on the bed on Sunday morning, huh?). Second, managed my morning with quality light breakfast (some shots are coming!). Third, could get a piece to pay my arrears for one of my very good friends Atre (hope she’ll like the cloth!) and onyx bracelet for myself at Lekki market. Then I ended my Sunday outside with brunch and friends-talk with my Korean friend here, Kim, at Nok.

I finally met with Kim again after we first met at Indonesian Embassy for Independence Day Celebration. Our brunch at Nok was fine, the contemporary African food was good (beautiful plates and cutlery always steal my heart), and oh the afternoon light is my favourite thing there (where else I could find wide clear glass, here?). I managed myself for some shots below tho I felt a bit embarrassed with Kim (first alert if you have brunch with beautiful food served, please bear with me :))

Love Yourself

“Oh okay, I won’t argue with you if you say “the title of this post’s so damn cheesy…”

Fact, I didn’t copy one of JB’s songs for this. I admit I love the song cause Ed Sheeran also the songwriter. This time around I won’t praise Ed even most of you perhaps knew how I adore him. Instead, I just want to share some shots of my breakfasts. I’m realizing one thing while I’m writing this sentence that I spent quite much these past two weeks for food. I don’t do exercise (I’m not ashamed saying this truth, I miss waking early on Sunday for jogging sometimes) so eating good food and sleep well is such the only way to stay healthy. For me, some simply ways to love myself are starting my day with a right mood, a cup of coffee, quality breakfast, positive thinking, and some good songs.


Morning, Croissant

You can call me cheesy by reading the caption on the last image below :).

As far as I know, myself will always fall again and again on to croissant. Images here were taken when I wanted to enjoy them straight, but that moment, when you couldn’t let the morning light disappeared without taking some photos.


May I Happy


“Oh May, you are already here…”


How could time fly so fast like this? I mean, it was like yesterday Andreas, my very best friend greeted envied me from Athens and Berlin. It was like yesterday I had secretly hurricane of emotion that broke my heart. And also, it was like yesterday I came back on Instagram after 2+ months took to one’s heels, posted a picture of Taksim Square right away from Istanbul, Turkey. So, where those first four months of this year gone? 

While I’m thinking how should I make the rest of this year meaningful and make progress with some personal goals, let me share some food photographs here (it’s been a while, right?). When I woke up this morning I wanted to just ‘eat’, I almost forgot that “hey, it’s been while you are not playing with morning light” and “that’s make you happy right?”.

I think it is necessary to set a good mood to start a day by doing something that make us happy.



Dear May, May I hope you will bring more joys and happiness rather than make me scarier with this life? 



P.S. The first pic was taken with an iPhone, the rest with Sony a6300.

Wish Everyday Was Like This

Imagine this.

When you are having a bad day and crying for something hurts, someone comes and hugs you, and says: “I know it’s hard. You’re going to be okay. Here’s a coffee. And 5 million dollars”.

If I had that moment, I would stop crying and looked at the person. And I would continue crying louder and slapped him just to ensure I wasn’t dreaming. Then, I would be so glad to arrange a trip for me and you guys to Switzerland for 2 months, then we would take a train to Vienna before we flew to LA. How I love throwing cheese dream like this.

K, I’m currently having 10 days off after peak season last year when I worked more than 30 hours for weekends (I mean, 30 hours non-stop!), ate few rubbish just to survive (read: what worse than a pizza for breakfast and cheap instant noodles for dinner? tho, it was only few times, promise), and slept anywhere I could fall at. It could be at one corner of the hall (yes, on the floor!), dropped my head on the banquet table, or at the back seat of my car where I had to bend my knees (this sounds better with AC on, and a 18 by 18 inch pillow). Whatever you can imagine how hard it may sound, it’s part of my job. And as usual, I will give myself a reward every time I have a day off. Well, mostly you guys know what is my guilty pleasure: spending money for fruitful pricey food.

I wish I woke up with no deadlines but a full breakfast on bed everyday …







When I have few days off, it should be an opportunity to pack my things and fly to Marrakech for instance, just for a week, nah? But unfortunately, I had to attend few preliminary meetings for a big project days ago when EVERYONE WAS RESTING! Akkk, YES!! Could you feel me? Let me not sounding exaggerated here :| but in case if you guys do not know how to put fake smiles on your face after you were waiting for two hours doing nothing because it ruined your off day like what I had today, I can teach you how to do it.

Sure, I won’t wish that kind of meeting happens everyday, sigh. Oh, I’m happy right now I have some new books to read cause I’m trying to off my internet access after an office hour. Except on the weekend at home, or having something to share on this blog :).


P.S. “I know it’s hard. You’re going to be okay. Here’s a coffee. And 5 million dollars” – found this joke one time on 9gag’s twitter.

Greeting For December



“The last time I was on Skype with my buddy, Andreas, it was a month ago. I mean, how time flies?”



I believe it wasn’t only me when we woke up four days ago and surprised that December is finally here. Excuse me, the end of this year? isn’t this too fast?

December is the peakest season for a person who works in the event industry like me. Like you have to be ready working for 30 hours plus (2 days 2 nights that what I had for last two weeks!), ensuring so many things from A to Z before the events, moving for one place to another, and standing until the event started. Sleepless nights on December is such a normal thing (oh, hello Christmas and New Year decorations!).

Sounds tough, huh? It does guys. So don’t blame me if today I decided to pamper myself with some cool guys on my table. This was such a revenge from two days ago when what I had for dinner was only cheap instant noodles, yikes.









I know by tomorrow I’m going to work hard again till the upper week for continuous events and some will be out of town. Realized that I will be dreaming like “oh, I’m at nowhere, where can I get kale leaves for breakfast”, don’t mind me that is nonsensical non sense :P when I work out of town with hectic schedule. To be honest I have no idea how should I divide myself for that, tho. But I trust everything will be fine.

I tried to enjoy my afternoon by stood on my dining table with a slice of strawberry mousse and chocolate cheese cake with a lemon tea (sugar-less of course!). I brought them home along with berries and frozen croissants after I and my colleague had a Chinese food for lunch yesterday when we both had a day off (it was like a miracle we had Saturday off on December!).







Well, right now, I want to prepare myself to sleep earlier so I can wake up fresh tomorrow. Sure, after I finish picking some early Christmas gifts for myself on eBay (no, I’m lying, I don’t celebrate Christmas). Should I say it’s for an early New Year gifts instead? Oops :).