These Buddies

There was an evening when I wanted to bring garlic and white onion home because I didn’t have any.

I passed an Indian market (from the name, you’ll easily predict that many Indians and Indian product available at this market) on my way home from the office. When I got those onions, I entered a small supermarket where I always stand for seconds just right after the entrance. There is a corner where they display plates, cups, and many kitchen stuff in affordable prices. I pretty remember that day I had to manage my monthly allowance but sadly, I couldn’t resist to bring home these buddies. Now, I should think how will I manage them in my suitcase when I’m going home for my annual leave.






I always try to make my life balanced from this hectic life. Spending today with cooking simple food from left-over ingredients, arranging my outfits (and now they’re tidier arranged), napping like a cat (and took bath after nap made me feel I’m a normal human if only I could do that everyday), having hot chocolate time in the afternoon with sweet strawberries (well, couldn’t resist to document the scene with an iPhone), and now, trying to keep this blog on.

I know tomorrow I’ll have so many deadlines plus obstacles plus stresses. There is no choices but I have to be ready. I’ll try to do best and hoping I can pass this week with a smile in the end. Hopefully. Now, let me chill myself inside this chill room. WIll grab frozen chocolates and maybe, watching ‘Frozen’ on my bed.


Yuriko's Bday

I always believe that sometimes, we don’t need to do something big to make somebody happy. Remembering a birthday is such a simply and sweet way to say that “I’m a grateful you are born in this life”. And I always believe that God is always, and always choose kind humans to spend this life with.

I have two lovely humans who had their birthday this (early) January. First is Madam Uche who was born on the 3rd. I thanked God for the journey I have with her as a boss, a mom, a teacher, whilst I live here in Africa. I feel blessed that I know her as a wonderful woman who inspired me to work hard in life, for my own future. Second is Yuriko, a ‘stupid-hilarious-yet smart’ best friend of mine who was born on the 4th. I thanked God in fact that he is a kind human that always make me want to laugh in a good and bad mood through a simply thing such a stupid conversation on the phone. I’m grateful that we can keep our friendship until today, even we live in two different continents.

And third, I thanked God for a chance to say Happy Birthday precious ones :)


P.S. Oops pardon for your RF cap that I used for my props on this pic Yuriko :P.

Blue Cup

Even I do know that I always make a promise to myself to not to spend money for something I don’t really need, I do know that I always fail too. Yesterday, after I had a very stressful event with a sweet ending on Saturday (I think I’d mentioned this on my previous post, no?) I had to do another one on Sunday. Even it was simpler but guys, working over night until Sunday noon wasn’t easy.

As a gift, I took home two new cups, a blue tea cup with a saucer and another one is a white ceramic cup only. I had no plan to buy it while I knew that my December allowance already very short. Even I do not really need those cups (well, except for Instagram purpose, only), I didn’t regret to spend for it. I think it’s time to keep beautiful things one by one until someday, I can arrange them beautifully in my own kitchen. My dream kitchen.



November Gifts

This November has become one of the hardest month of work to me.

Even it went so much slower than past years (“ber” months are our hi-season in event industry, fyi) but I had a very stressful project out of town in the first week and spent a week for an event, it was hard indeed. Breakfast at the hotel left a lot to be desired, lunch was rare (imagine if you have to work upside down under the sun and you’re not eating and drinking), and all this on little to no sleep. After that stressful project, I decided to give myself a reward by grabbing some gifts (please don’t judge me as a cool kid who loves spending money for some branded things). This is just the way I thank to myself after I worked so hard :) all via iPhone.

1/ I’m not a ‘perfume’ person but I couldn’t resist to take home this fragrance by Gucci (oh, this sounds ridiculous but I really take attention to the design of perfume bottle before I buy, and I’m looking forward for another fragrance). Well, let’s talk about food :).




2/ I couldn’t say no to a delish treat after I had to survive without proper lunch for days (eek!)Little guys for an evening snack, and….. Belgian chocolate ice cream added with more almonds and yes, more dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s.


NovemberGift2.1 NovemberGift2

Oops, another chocolates completed my home-made mousse pudding with a cup of sugar free tea this noon.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


3/ Maybe you guys already seen quite often for strawberry and friends on this blog, but again, I couldn’t resist to have them again and again with yogurt and raw honey for breakfast. For an afternoon snacks (with a lifestyle) was frosted kiwi and assorted berries, such another way to enjoy iced fruits in a hot weather :).


NovemberGift3 NovemberGift4


4/ I haven’t done with food. Who can resist fresh prawns? (who?). I cooked spicy chicken and prawns soup with Chinese egg noodles, broccoli, chicken samosa, fried tofu and sweet corn in dumplings like this.




5/ Tara Ramsay to be added to my cook book collection, and a note book I needed for work.




6/ Another fact of me, I’m a fan of Zara, it’s affordable yet quite classy. I got this white crisp shirt from Indonesia through my flatmate when he came back from his annual leave (I really wish there is Zara store here). If I have a wish, this and this and this, would be on my wardrobe someday (now, I give up if you call me ‘cool-kid wannabe’ :P).


NovemberGift7 NovemberGift8


When I was painting a pergola for that project with white cellulose, my dark jeans got stain (not only that, my Mickey Mouse tee had too). I knew I enjoyed the work even if I had to do it under the sun. I wish I took a pic from that day so you’ll know that my job isn’t that glamorous :P. I thought that cellulose would easily vanished from it yet I had to get another one. And stretch dark jeans is so so good. And the last one (I promise). I wanted to find backpack but this took my attention (mine is the navy blue one, oh do not know why the price here is higher?, let’s make another wish, this and this are on my waiting list :)).

Well, hello December, let’s work harder for another fancy gifts! :P.

Dazzling Oranges

Lately I’ve been missing a bright sky that brings me sunset though I do love the rain in the night and a cold peaceful morning either. Almost everyday here is gloomy, rainy and windy that makes me kindly miss simply joy like sunset. When all I need is just a cup of hot tea and thinking for all my dreams, staring to the sky and believe that there is nothing impossible. When all I need is just to live my life and enjoy every obstacles, every rejoice, and all the things that make me grateful to be alive.



There was a day when I was in the middle of many deadlines and stress on my head, I sat down on an old car and took minutes to enjoy this dazzling orange. I couldn’t resist for an iPhone snap below.


Wohoo for The New Look


I’m beyond happy to announce that this blog just raised to the next level. Goofydreamer has the new look! Crisp white background (I die), beautiful fonts that make those post are easier to read than before, and the photographs are quite larger. I dreamt about this blog could shine better by the look apart of the contents and could happily see it by today!

Hope you guys who followed along and new readers outside there, and you too who just visited this blog :) can enjoy the new look as I do. I still have a dream for a better camera to show more quailty pictures on this blog (I’ll make it real :)).



Omai, sorry guys if you think I’m a garish person, hah. Just wanted to put this photo, to let you know that my iPhone version liked by Alice Gao minutes ago. Again, sorry for being garish :P.

Alice, you are my inspiration in photography. You know that :)


P.S. If you are in Instagram, you can see iPhone pics I took inspired by Alice Gao, with #inspiredbyalicegao hashtag. Which one do you prefer guys, mirrorless above or the one in my Instagram? :P. It looks easy to arrange things and capture them, in fact, it doesn’t sound that easy, tho. 

A Present

I always teach myself one thing, if I have to give a present, it has to be proper. It has to. I dunno, I always keep in mind that giving a thing for someone, especially a person who you respect to, it has to be a proper thing. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, just a thing that is beautiful, useful and meaningful. The meaning behind it speaks louder, oh definitely.

Days before my flatmate gone, I asked him to help me choosing a wrist watch for myself. I know he has a better sense of fashion than me (in fact I’m not good enough!), that’s why I always ask him for an advice. When I picked the one I thought I loved it, a very simple watch, he said it looked cheap. Then I moved to one shoulder bag I fell in love at first sight (I couldn’t achive that navy blue for now, maybe later :|). When we were busy looking around all the items inside the store, he found this rucksack. Then I told him directly “Is it really nice?”, he said “It’s so cool!”. The I said “should we pack this? It’s for you. I had a will to get you something before you leave. Thank God I didn’t choose that brown watch for you as a surprise, huh!”. Fortunately, he was so happy for the present.

When he stand in queue at the airport few hours before he left this country, I looked at this bag and realised that it’s so cool really. The reddish color inside of this bag is so damn cool. Contrast yet harmonious.

Did I mention that I’m a Fossil lover? :)