To (Kem) Bali



…then, let the memory of it sticks forever…

Raise your hand if you’re on the same page with me; we all need sharp camera to make memories. I mean, we are living in an era where capturing a moment is as easy as eating cheese cake. Please stand in the same line with me if you are having a crush with a little handsome guy called an iPhone7. Okay let me make this clearer, who doesn’t want the new iPhone and it’s JET BLACK?

I was almost, yes ALMOST, made a decision to spend my saving money for next year trip last Sunday. When I went to a store after I had a Chinese food for lunch that I believed it cooked with MSG, I saw the new iPhone was displayed and for minutes my mind was wondering how the camera would capture the beauty of Hallstatt. If you don’t have a clue what kind of dessert it is, it’s not dessert buddy, Hallstatt is a very charming village in the heart of Europe. Imagine you’re standing, ensuring you are not dreaming, because you lost words and can’t help yourself capturing the beauty of The Salzkammergut with a very-very clear camera from the new iPhone. I bet you will compete with me standing there and I’ll get 10K more pictures than you.

Ok let me continue the story. One minute later, I patted my chest as a reward cause I SAID TO MYSELF: HELL YEAH I’m still walking on the right track till today. I mean, I don’t mind buying a thousand dollars plus for an iPhone IF I’m kind of person who has no clue what should I spend my stacks of gold bars for. Then, I could easily decide to buy two, one for me and one for you. It could be three, another one for your friend, buddy. I said I won’t take a bigger iPhone here but I won’t mind for 7+ this day. I apologize if my preamble for this post is too-long and about the new iPhone. Okay I’ll be serious right now, on this post what I want to share is the memories from my family trip to Bali. And what I love from the memories here is the fact that I spent four days with my mother and my siblings, -minus my dad- and we really had such a good time together. We spent five days in Bali, two nights in Seminyak (sure I picked boutique hotel!) and two nights in Ubud.































Bali From an iPhone

I had no plan “plan” spending days in Bali this year when I came home. It was such a grey plan after I thought about Lombok Island where I wanted to spend mostly my time at beaches. I really had a wish I could explore Lombok with my crazy fellas, Maya, Ruli, Ayos and Winda, like we spent at Ranukumbolo (I, II, III, I wrote in Bahasa, oh pardon for those pics!). Sadly, time was an issue. It wasn’t easy to travel where most of them just came back to work while I was the one who really free. I and Ruli thought we could go without three of them and explore Lombok as much as we could. Second “Sadly”, among things I have to do in Indonesia, I had a very, very short time to decide between “Explore (fancy) coffee shops in the town” or “Escape for days to another place” as long as I had time before I had to come back to Africa.

It was a spontaneous plan I and Andhi (my former flatmate when he was in Africa) decided to enjoy Bali together. I and Andhi met that day and it was our first time we went together since he left Africa four months ago. After we spent a day we sat down and talked about Bali. It was a-last-minute plan until we bought three tickets (for me, him and yes, I finally had time to go with my childhood best friend, Sohib, to Bali) and booked hotel. Andhi had a plan to enjoy Dreamfields while I had no plan what and where I wanted to spend. I will share some stories with some pictures I took while we were in Bali separately (I think it’s gonna be more about food post! :P). I realise I didn’t take a lot of pictures while I was there yet these (mostly impromptu) shots from my iPhone could slightly remind me about Bali vibe, for five days. The last one is my fav :).












The End of Quick Jaunt

O M G, it’s already nine of March and I just had one post for this blog? Had no idea why I’m bloody lazy lately. Yikes. Hopefully this could be a good start to post another. Hopefully :)

This post is an end of this and this.

In our last day I’ve told my sister that I really wanted to visit Potato Head in the afternoon. Before that, we decided to check-out from hotel at 9am and went straight to Beachwalk again. To be honest it was my idea :P yup just because I wanted to get some pieces of Topman there (No, just because Topman hasn’t opened yet in my own city :( and a little secret of me : I love Topman!!). After I got some pieces home, we sat down in Nanny’s Pavilion for too-early-snacks, sweet for my sister and I chose sour and crispy fried calamary. Oh, the waffle my sister chose was such a guilty pleasure. Here some iPhone snaps from our too-early-snack-time.





If you still remember that I and my sister wanted to have lunch at ‘Warung Itali’ on day 3 and failed, finally we went there again in our last day. I tried their lasagna, with stir-fried mushroom and slices of baked potato. It wasn’t bad for an affordable Italian food though yet I wish we had longer time to spend to try their heavenly pastas. Just an iPhone picture from Warung Itali (my sister didn’t order anything, just a bottle of Sprite! can’t you imagine :P).


After Warung Itali we went straight to Potato Head Beach Club, one of the happening-cool-beach-club in Bali right now. It was one of main place I wanted to enjoy in Bali after Rock Bar. I don’t want you to call me a cool kid (haha) by spent time there, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to see the architecture of Potato Head, plenty old vintage windows arranged beautifully as the landmark, designed by Andra Matin and the vibes of the beach club itself. We really should take lunch than just some sweets, it was because we had flight to go home by 4pm so we didn’t spend too long at Potato Head. We just ordered sweets apart of fries, chocolate milkshake and orange juice, it was chocolate mousse called ‘Valrhona chocolate mousse with sea salt caramel and chocolate chilli ice cream’ (ugh long name, it was for me) and an exotic mango…something something (in fact, I couldn’t remember the name what was my sister ordered :P). There was vanilla ice cream with mango cream and lychee foams (??? O gosh I had bad description, pardon me :P). Conclusion : The sweets were yummy indeed, price talked by itself. Coming there by 1pm in the afternoon wasn’t bad to enjoy the vibes, wish I had more days in Bali I wanted to enjoy a sunset and an evening there. Really. Oh they have different classes of order though, If you really want to enjoy the vibe in the front space where you can enjoy the swimming pool and the beautiful beach, you have to order minimum $60 if I’m not wrong :). Some snaps from Potato Head.












This sentence probably sounds cheesy yet I couldn’t even believe that the picture above has been reblogged many times on my Tumblr.