Bali From an iPhone

I had no plan “plan” spending days in Bali this year when I came home. It was such a grey plan after I thought about Lombok Island where I wanted to spend mostly my time at beaches. I really had a wish I could explore Lombok with my crazy fellas, Maya, Ruli, Ayos and Winda, like we spent at Ranukumbolo (I, II, III, I wrote in Bahasa, oh pardon for those pics!). Sadly, time was an issue. It wasn’t easy to travel where most of them just came back to work while I was the one who really free. I and Ruli thought we could go without three of them and explore Lombok as much as we could. Second “Sadly”, among things I have to do in Indonesia, I had a very, very short time to decide between “Explore (fancy) coffee shops in the town” or “Escape for days to another place” as long as I had time before I had to come back to Africa.

It was a spontaneous plan I and Andhi (my former flatmate when he was in Africa) decided to enjoy Bali together. I and Andhi met that day and it was our first time we went together since he left Africa four months ago. After we spent a day we sat down and talked about Bali. It was a-last-minute plan until we bought three tickets (for me, him and yes, I finally had time to go with my childhood best friend, Sohib, to Bali) and booked hotel. Andhi had a plan to enjoy Dreamfields while I had no plan what and where I wanted to spend. I will share some stories with some pictures I took while we were in Bali separately (I think it’s gonna be more about food post! :P). I realise I didn’t take a lot of pictures while I was there yet these (mostly impromptu) shots from my iPhone could slightly remind me about Bali vibe, for five days. The last one is my fav :).












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