Breakfast Today ; Spinach Pasta with Sautéed Simple Chicken.

Breakfast A1

Honestly I was so lazy preparing my breakfast this morning until I left my room to cook 10 minutes breakfast. It wasn’t my plan to capture this breakfast really but damn, I got stuck and took my camera!. Then I entered my flatmate’s room to try his new digicam, Samsung Galaxy Camera, a stylish digital camera that has many features and do you know? You can capture, play with instant photo editing effects then post it through instagram, path or other social media directly from the wide touch screen huh! I tried it to capture some of shoots from my breakfast but hehehe I haven’t download them from my email that he sent before. Next time I’ll show you the result from Galaxy camera which is pretty indeed.

So what did I cook for my breakfast this morning? Super simple. I cooked spinach pasta spiced with fresh garlic, chili sauce, soya sauce, small fresh pepper, pinch of salt and olived oil, just like the way you cook instant noodle. I always think that cooking this kind of pasta with simple spice is much better than cooking instant noodle instead. What do you think?.

I served my spinach pasta with sautéed simple chicken, some slices of fresh mandarin orange and marble cake as dessert, a cup of bitter lemon tea, and hmm I forgot to include spring water here.

Breakfast A2

Breakfast A5

Breakfast A3

Breakfast A6

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