As Simple As This Asparagus

How easy but tasty. You just need a minute stir-frying with olive oil, that’s it…


I pretty love to wake up on Sunday morning with a warm sunshine through my window, blue sky but not too bright. It makes me feel more relax than wake up with gloomy rainy morning like today. It was pouring last night and the grey sky is lasted till I’m writing this sentence. I don’t mind to be honest cause I woke up early with my latest morning ritual (read: playing fav songs loud with Harman Kardon mini speaker).

It’s 10.45am here and I’m literally having my second cup of black coffee with chocolate cookies. Still listening some favorite songs wishing my Sunday is moving slowly. I never make my breakfast, thinking something easy like the one I had few days ago, just some asparagus. One minute stir-fried served with omelette, sprinkled with chili flakes and pomegranate.



A Simply Morning.

I always feel great when I have enough time for breakfast, enough time to cook and enjoy them then. This morning I could cook a simple dish from red spinach, not only red spinach actually, I used green one also. It was a very very simple dish that I’m sure anyone could make it, 7 minutes needed to cook, not bad huh?. So what was the ingredients that I used this morning? They were inexpensive but fruitful enough, red spinach, green spinach, tomato, and avocado. I stir fried them with a very simple spice, as usual garlic, red onion, freshpepper/ chili, black pepper, small butter and pinch of sugar and salt, that’s all. I enjoyed it with beer (haha, nope! that foamy brownie drink was blended black tea with mint leaves and small lime juice, I didn’t put too much sugar for sure), and wheat crackers with Nutella and Skippy.

Simply Morning 1

Simply Morning 2

Simply Morning 3

Simply Morning 4

Simply Morning 5

Simply Morning 6

Simply Morning 7

Ingredients :

A handful of fresh green spinach and a handful of red one too
1 medium carrot, slice it (julienne cut is nice!)
3 onions (medium size), chopped finely
5-6 garlic, chopped finely
3 fresh pepper/chilies, chopped finely
¼ tsp sea salt
¼ tsp black pepper
2 tbsp olive oil (pour on top of the well-done dish)
a pinch of sugar
1 fresh tomato, medium size, slice it whatever you want
1 tsp butter, and 3 tbsp vegetable oil for stir frying
¼ cup water
1 fresh avocado, slice it whatever you want

Lets start! Heat vegetable oil, put onion and garlic. 3 minutes after add butter and carrot. Then, pour water, add spinach. Sprinkle the salt, sugar, black pepper and chopped chili. Cook spinach until wilted (don’t cook too-wilted, you want fresh! hehehe, so keep your heat well). Last, put tomato. Done!

Now, serving time. Put the spinach, pour O Oil. I ate this stir-fried spinach with over-easy fried egg, o yeah the avocado! Dont forget to put slices avocado on the plate! Hehe, Easy and tasty breakfast rite? At least, I ate veggie this morning *smile.

Lazy Morning.

Hey watsap fellas? Hope your sunday went well. I’d like to share you what my breakfast was. Sunday, and I was so lazy to cook my breakfast this morning but it wasn’t because I was ‘lazy-lazy‘ actually. I chose to wake up late because I worked overnight the day before and sure I slept more than my normal time. My breakfast were chocolate croissant (officially croissant lover! I do), cereals, slices of fresh orange and soya milk. It was so simple and yummy in the same time.

Can you see my last bite of choco croissant on this post and imagine the taste? You should because it was very very nice, hehehe. Enjoy the pics! Nom-nom.

Lazy Breakfast 1

Lazy Breakfast 2

Lazy Breakfast 3

Lazy Breakfast 4

Lazy Breakfast 5

Breakfast today, 1st April.

Oh April has come, today is second already? This morning is a bit cloudy here that for sure makes me a bit lazy to work (ups!). Yesterday I got one day off (Easter!) and really I want more, hehe. Starting first day in April and I have to have proper breakfast (Thanks God for bananas, loaf bread with cheese and condensed milk, lemon tea as usual, and u yeah orange and grapefruit. Nom nom!) before rrrgh hectic week. Like what Karl Lagerferd ever said ‘The first thing I do when I get up, I have breakfast’.






Sunday Breakfast.

Sunday Breakfast

O gosh today is Sunday (again?), time goes too fast for me *sigh. Even I couldn’t believe that tomorrow is Monday  (again!!) and gonna be my hectic days ahead.  

Hey friends in Indonesia! By the time you read this post is Monday rite? Hehehe, I know that I post a bit late. I tried to enjoy my Sunday as long as I could truly. O yeah, starting from this post I don’t put small watermark anymore like what I did on my previous posts due to make this blog friendlier (Argh I have no better sentence to describe what Im thinking of *sigh).

Alright I just can share what my breakfast was. They were super simple fried rice that I cooked with mushroom sauce added sweet corn and carrot (Ah why I didn’t put more colors on it so It would be eye-catching and fresher!), two ‘sunny-side up’ fried eggs one for me and one for my flatmate, some vanilla biscuits, wheat baguette (put skippy on it!), tea, and croissant. Were they too much for breakfast? No no, I couldn’t eat them all in the same time, just ate some fried rice and egg, then two slices of baguette, one biscuit and yeah! croissant after. That croissant was nicer than what I got at cake shop on Victoria Island.

Probably this post will be the last for this month because what? I have to work harder and faster for my big project two weeks ahead which is early April. But I’ll try to update this blog when I less busy. Ouch it past 10pm I’m yawning, need more time to sleep so I can wake up fresher for my Monday (hoam…).

See ya in April!

Sunday Breakfast 2

Sunday Breakfast 1

Sunday Breakfast 5

Sunday Breakfast 4

Sunday Breakfast 3

Breakfast Today ; Spinach Pasta with Sautéed Simple Chicken.

Breakfast A1

Honestly I was so lazy preparing my breakfast this morning until I left my room to cook 10 minutes breakfast. It wasn’t my plan to capture this breakfast really but damn, I got stuck and took my camera!. Then I entered my flatmate’s room to try his new digicam, Samsung Galaxy Camera, a stylish digital camera that has many features and do you know? You can capture, play with instant photo editing effects then post it through instagram, path or other social media directly from the wide touch screen huh! I tried it to capture some of shoots from my breakfast but hehehe I haven’t download them from my email that he sent before. Next time I’ll show you the result from Galaxy camera which is pretty indeed.

So what did I cook for my breakfast this morning? Super simple. I cooked spinach pasta spiced with fresh garlic, chili sauce, soya sauce, small fresh pepper, pinch of salt and olived oil, just like the way you cook instant noodle. I always think that cooking this kind of pasta with simple spice is much better than cooking instant noodle instead. What do you think?.

I served my spinach pasta with sautéed simple chicken, some slices of fresh mandarin orange and marble cake as dessert, a cup of bitter lemon tea, and hmm I forgot to include spring water here.

Breakfast A2

Breakfast A5

Breakfast A3

Breakfast A6

Super Simple ‘Take-away’ Breakfast.

Had short time (again) preparing breakfast this morning until I decided to ‘Take-Away’ (such a fast food ha! hiks) and brought them to office. By the time I arrived, let’s eat yeah! I was so hungry since last night and had time to cook this super simple garlic spaghetti served with poached eggs and spiced beef. O yeah I love the sunset color from my tomato juice, looks so fresh ya! See what I did with that juice, I putted it inside my unused Nescafe jar, don’t throw away you still can use it for sure. #SimpleJoy

Take away Breakfast

Take away Breakfast 2