My Brisk Sunday, Fiuh!

Sunday is supposed to be my free day, off work, and enjoy me time as much as I can. But yesterday was different.  I went to work even it was small work. After I posted my previous one early morning before I went to work, I already thought that I had to have my sunday still. That was okay still working but I asked myself to do something at least my sunday wasn’t fly away.

So, after me and my flatmate, and our team finished with the work, myself and flatmate decided to get some enjoyment outside. He chose having coffee time as usual. Me? I chose to go to grocery side inside mall to find something. I had no clue about that ‘something’ until I saw strawberry and broccoli. Yup I chose red and green. After that, I came back to the coffee shop where my flatmate sat down. I didn’t order a cup of cappucino like his own, I just took a slice of tiramisu. Not bad.

I came home by 1pm alone. My flatmate had to do another part of work (fiuh! oh Sunday!). He attended the meeting for our mega event that I’ve told you before I will post it if we pass it. I told that I would be super busy early April rite? I forgot to tell you that crazy mega event is postpone until the day, thursday and friday this week and haaaaa I already shaking when I imagine pressure and challenges that we will face for that event.

Alright this is it, enjoy!

Sunday 1

Sunday 2

Sunday 3

Sunday 4

Sunday 5

Sunday 6

Sunday 7

Sunday 8

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