Okay, I Got These. And I Thankful



“I kept remembering myself, “Tomorrow’s your last day. Tomorrow’s the last day.”

That started like a week before I left.”


Most of the time I cannot believe I have gone this far, living far away from my root and make living by working days and nights, for years. It sounds like a joke every time there is a conversation in my head when will I detach myself from where I am living at the moment and start something new. At somewhere new, further. Find myself among new faces I had never seen before in my brown coat, in not so crowded morning. Giving my system sometimes to adapt to a chilly and windy morning in autumn. Hiding my two hands in my pockets even after I wear gloves. Trust me, I am still keeping those scenes with some reasonable beliefs, someday when I read this post again, I have already lived in that life (fingers-crossed).

Three years ago when I had no clue we would all face terrible chaos called a world pandemic, I wrote a few things down in my diary on what I wanted to eat when I got back to my root. I was smiling when I was writing them because I knew some wouldn’t be accomplished, such a funny thing that always happens. Either I am forgetting a few of them or I do not have enough time to do so. After three years, I could finally tick most of what I wrote in my diary.

Even though I decided not to travel but I had so many simply happiness when I was there: having a peaceful nap after 1 PM and waking up before 3 PM, that one was such a luxury. Shopping for new outfits after three years? somehow it shocked me a bit how much I spent but let me be wise, it wasn’t that much when I divided the total amount into three (3 years right?! that made sense), what else again…

Design space paper textured background

I rehearsed when I knew I only had some days left in Indonesia which meant that the time to say goodbye again had come closer.  Exactly a week before my departure date, I said this every single evening: “Tomorrow you’re going to fly! hello real world!”. I purposely thought it won’t hurt me that much facing the reality that I only had a few days left, leaving all those comfortable things (plus the food!). And funny enough, it worked. But that is probably not going to work if I am standing on a chilly autumn morning with a warm kanelsnegl, scarf on my neck, smiling, a week after I accomplish something big I have been dreaming for. Manifesting the last sentence (another fingers-crossed)


Here what I want to share to you for what I could count as one of the highlights of the trip…it’s time to pamper your eyes with what I ate during my short stay in my hometown, Surabaya. Scroll slowly so you could imagine the heavenly taste from each one….

I will stop writing, let these pictures speak the rest :)



Keep scrolling, I had eaten more and more delicious food!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset







On the next post, I will share some snacks and food when I was outside (meeting friends or even Netflix time at home!) so this post won’t be too long. If you wonder, all were taken with an iPhone 12 Pro Max, on my desk. In a room I always stay in my mom’s house (damn, can’t wait to say ” from my own house” on this blog! Very soon hopefully *another fingers-crossed*).

Brunch With Avo

Just wanted to share some photographs of a brunch I had Sunday last week.

Few slices of avo on top of baguette with mayo and sautéed king prawns. Also, milky avo puree and dice-cutted avo in lettuce plus sweet corn plus cheddar salad. The way I love to enjoy this kind of brunch is taking it slowly on Sunday on the bed. In fact, this was shot on top of my bed using a DIY grey board from a side table.



Brunch At Home

“I actually woke up right. It’s Sunday…”


When I have no events on the weekend, I prefer to pretend my Saturday night at home is endless. Sleep late is allowed, of course, cause wake up late on Sunday sounds right! When I was watching a movie on the bed last night, I was thinking to sleep late but felt asleep cause one, the movie’s such a boring one and second, I was kinda tired after editing few pictures for an upcoming post (still, an archive from Istanbul last year). I don’t watch TV, I prefer watching either movie scenes on YouTube or some favorite movies over and over again like Argo, Me Before You, Million Dollar Arm or La La Land from my MacBook.

This morning I woke up as if it was Monday: on time, straight working on my clothes (ironing, what else?), cleaning my room, and then brunch scene session with a multi-grain croissant, granola with pome, hello berries it’s been while, quinoa chips, kiwi and grapefruit. My morning is definitely not complete without a cup of coffee.


Talking about movie, the one that stole my attention recently is Call Me By Your Name. Not because it’s scored 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the movie itself is such a masterpiece imho. Timmy’s acting is amazing, the scenes shot in northern Italy on the eighties are to die for: the wardrobes, lighting, locations, angles! I never watch a whole movie but some scenes on YouTube.

Even though I had no idea why Armie Hammer didn’t get a nomination for Best Supporting Actor on upcoming Oscar (this sounds like a snub huh, like how crazy Divide by Ed Sheeran didn’t even get a nomination for Best Album Grammy 2018, holy shit!), but I’d be so glad if this movie wins Oscar or perhaps a lucky star drops for Timothée Chalamet!

Fine Breakfast

There is something that made me soooo lazy to cook lately. I don’t know what, but I guess I feel a bit homesick. I miss a moment when I go home and find delicious foods on the table cooked by my Mom (now, this sounds I’m homesick indeed). To be honest, I feel it’s not an easy thing living outside country when I have to prepare everything every day. But I just have to do it and stop grumbling, yes? :)

Instead, I want to share some shots I did this morning. A fine breakfast with chocolate croissant a.k.a pain au chocolat and hello for berries! Nice to see you again :)




Was my tummy full by having breakfast above? Nope! lol. But I love those berries, even they’re become more expensive nowadays but it’s always nice to pamper yourself with fruitful food right? :)

I’ll make one confession here, I was a bit late leaving my apartment this morning because of those photographs cause I had to wait for minutes to get enough light (cloudy morning go away!). Then, what happened with the foods? I enjoyed the croissant on my way to the office while I packed the fruits in a jar :P.

Currently, I’ve been trying to wake up earlier so I have time to sit down and enjoy my breakfast without busy taking picture. To be honest, it’s really good sitting and enjoying the meal, forget about food photography (I’m kidding :), how can I resist beautiful breakfast and good lighting?). But sure, enjoying breakfast in a proper way is very important to start your day guys. This reminds me how I enjoyed a fine Swedish breakfast on Friday morning at Fika last year in Singapore. I loved their homemade sausages (even I’m not a sausage fan!), fresh bacon (calm down, it was turkey bacon :)), and oh the blueberry jelly juice was so good too.





Food Collage via iPhone

I think one of the best thing from Instagram is how the account looks. I always love how beautiful pictures are nicely arranged in square, particularly gorg account from Instagram stars like Alice Gao (I know it isn’t a secret that I’m her big fan of Alice’s rad works!), Pei Ketron (another brilliant one!), or Aiala Hernando. Not only every time I see through my iPhone, on the website, those squares tell so many stories about them. Especially for Alice Gao, every time she uploads food photos, I’ll stop for seconds to observe the taste of food (by air, obviously), the composition, the lighting and the angle.

Taking food photos has become my biggest indulgence right now. Every time I cook or having a brunch in a cafe, I always try to take photos of it (yes, taking photos first then I’ll eat them). Food photography via iPhone or mirrorless of mine are taken mostly from above. I can’t lie it is the best angle. My friend told me that the top angle doesn’t need photography technic but composition. I don’t really agree, I mean, even composition play is more needed, there is technic on how to capture the food.

Because I always depend on natural light, breakfast is the best time to snap my food. Sometimes I’ll have a plan ‘plan’ to snap but sometimes it’s an impromptu. You might have seen most of my breakfasts below on my account yet I personally couldn’t resist to post them on this blog. All are taken with my iPhone5 weeks ago (even, sometime a year ago).




I can’t lie that seeing my breekies above is such a simply joy for me :). Hope you guys do not mind for some of recent breakfast scenes taken last week and this week. My fav time was the one with croissants and a bowl of rainbow :).






Morning Festives

On my previous post I’ve mentioned when I had two days without proper food was so hellish for me, truly. When I was in the middle of that kind ‘day-and-night’ work, my mind took a second thinking about proper food as a revenge, particularly veggies and fruits. After that day, I decided to have my first strawberry and avocado salad as my breakfast (added kiwi wasn’t my idea before yet I love to see them in my bowl :)). It was very simple salad, O-oil plus lemon was my dressing. You guys who followed me in Instagram (or if you’re reader of this blog :P), I bet you’ve seen my iPhone version before.

Here, I gather breakfasts with colors that I’d snapped from different days (because in this era, taking pictures of your food before you enjoy them is a must, lol :P). Oh I know, I know, you’ll find another shot of my Muesli here :P.














I’ll drop some of the facts from these pictures :)

> The first one is my fav, I love the color coordination. The green of the broccoli was so perfect. I drank my water before that avocado juice, why? because my fettuccine carbonara was so creamy :P

> I bought purple cabbage (picture number two) just because I loved to try them for my salad. I used it twice for my salad and ignored it after. It sounds like I bought for picture-purpose :P

> It was my first time I ate beetroot :P. I was wondering how it taste since until I took some and mesmerised with the color. Maybe I’ll try it better for fresh juice than for salad yet I did love the texture of beetroot.

> That tomato soup was too hot for breakfast. I thought it would be tastier when I added chopped Habanero pepper into it. When I was tasting my soup and found my tongue was burning, I took those pepper immediately and throw them away :P

> Strawberry and avocado such a fresh combination for salad. If you want to try them as your breakfast, you should find sweet strawberry. I had very fresh yet so sour that morning.

> I always keep my food balance. I must have fruits and veggies every week, I enjoy cakes and pastries with limit for sure. I enjoy fried food as long as it isn’t deep-fried. If I don’t have a choice to eat healthy food but junk food, I always try to have lemon in water. That’s why you always see lemon in my pictures :)

I think we should enjoy life with good food as long as it’s good for your happiness. I know you are what you eat, but by enjoying good-tasty-healthy food is happiness, amirite? :)

Yesterday Me Time

What I love from Sunday is ‘me-time’. Yesterday, I was stayed at home and enjoyed food I love.

Morning, I love the fact that time went so much slower than my daily morning. A bowl of Muesli was perfect. Really. Fresh sliced banana, blackberries, strawberries served with mango yogurt was beyond awesome (I could have breakfast like that everyday!).

Afternoon, woke up from three hours napping. I did need something simply for lunch. Just noodles served with homemade chicken broth, lotta O-oil, raw spinach and boiled egg. Raw pepper and garlic was uh. I felt enough.

Then, late afternoon, it was a simply snack time. A little bit upside down enjoying smoothie not as breakfast but I didn’t think that way cause for me, having smoothie is always perfect. In every time, no?. When I looked at the texture of frozen banana, blackberries, strawberries and yogurt blended together, I just fell in love. I could ask more for a full glass of heaven, definitely.

Pics here are taken both with an iPhone and mirrorless, could you guess which?






Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




Just Garlic


I’ve mentioned quite often on this blog that working in event industry is challenging. Time flies too fast, so many instant jobs can come quickly, deadlines everyday, working over night. All of that can make you such a loser if you can not keep your life balance. It happens in me, until now I still struggling to keep my life balance. If I have to work overnight for two days (average time is 16 hours without sleep :| times two! Yes, I’ve done so many times!) I have to make sure that I have enough energy from food such an example, if not, I will collapse (God for bit! :|). Sadly, I have no choice if I have to eat junk food among my endless job. It isn’t easy for me that I have to fill energy, in the other hand I realize that they aren’t good if I take too much. By the time I’m on ‘me-time’ at home, cooking is such a way to pay my bill from those junk. Excuse for this long and tacky preface :P.

On this post I will share a simply light soup (or broth?) that I love to cook. Believe me this is so much better and easier than instant noodles if I have to compare with. A part of how simply it is, I love the main ingredient ; Garlic!.

I just love garlic so much either the pungent flavor or the health benefits. It isn’t a secret that Garlic may help improve our iron metabolism so for me, this garlic soup is the one of the simpliest-lightest-and fastest-recipe of soup I heart. This soup is such a DIY recipe, you just need 8 gloves of garlic (I always put more! slice them), pinch of salt and white ground pepper, margarine, vegetable oil, as a spice. Surely you’ll need chicken fillet as basic broth, carrot and leek for a flavour.


First step, boil water and put chicken fillet in it, prepare your frying pan and heat vegetable oil. Put garlic and add margarine. Then add pinch of salt and pepper, wait a second until you can smell the flavor. The spice is ready, move it to your boil chicken, add carrot and leek (sliced). You just need to wait for 15 until 20 minutes. The garlic soup is ready to be played with another ingredient!

Mixing with another ingredient is another thing I love from this soup. You just need to make it once and mix with pasta, vermicelli, or veggies. On that day when I cooked for lunch, I mixed with spinach pasta, broccoli, tofu and chinese lettuce. I wanted the pasta a bit dry so I wasn’t put too much soup in my bowl. The taste was so light.

Garlic soup with Pasta

Garlic soup with pasta 2

I was enjoying this garlic soup with vermicelli such an early dinner kind of. I just added slices of tofu, fresh lettuce, and sprinkled minced red pepper. Oh I always make sure my garlic soup isn’t too salty, it’s easier to make it saltier by adding salt separately.

Garlic soup with vermicelli

Garlic soup with vermicelli 3

The following day I had the same garlic soup for breakfast. Little spinach and poached egg were inside my bowl, and  little chilli and soya sauce to make the flavor tastier (chilli and soya sauce such a perfect mate, inspired by Bakso. I’m craving Bakso right now, gah! :()

Garlic soup with Spinach

Garlic soup with vermicelli 2

That’s it. Garlic soup is become one of my fav food from now, and do you think there is no food as simply as easy as quick as junk food? You should try this garlic soup! :)

P.S I just realized that these pictures on this post are quite Cereal-ish, clean and fresh, excuse for this confidence yet Cereal is so damn beautiful! :)




Setelah perbincangan saya dengan mas Lukman yang memiliki blog ciamik dengan kekhasannya yang unik, kini saya ajak anda berkenalan dengan blogger keren lainnya. Kali ini saya berkesempatan mengobrol dengan Bebe, seorang perempuan Indonesia yang sekarang ini tinggal di Helsingborg, Swedia bersama suaminya, Bubu. Sekarang anda mengerti kan kenapa judul postingan ini BebenyaBubu?

Nah, jika saya mengulas obrolan ringan bersama mas Lukman dengan bahasa yang sedikit lebih formal, ngobrol dengan Bebe kebalikannya. Jauh lebih santai. Anda bisa dengan mudah menilai seorang Bebe adalah pribadi yang easy going, gaul dan periang dari bahasa yang ia gunakan. Daripada berlama-lama, mari, sediakan secangkir teh atau kopi hangat, rileks dan nikmati obrolan kami. Enjoy!


Sejak kapan keranjingan ngeblog Be? Lebih tepatnya kapan mulai ngeblog?

“Mulai ngeblog itu sekitar tahun 2007-2008. Awalnya ngeblog di FS trus karena di FS standar banget settingnya akhirnya pindah ke Multiply dan bertahan sekitar 1 tahunan disitu. Masalahnya kan di multiply yang bisa komen cuma orang2 yang terdaftar di multiply aja (sementara aku pinginnya eksis abis gitu kaaaan) akhirnya ya nyoba ganti platform lagi deh.. hahahaha. Setelah labil ke sana kemari, akhirnya hatiku berlabuh di wordpress sampai sekarang”

Pertama berkunjung ke blogmu sih langsung silau dengan kualitas fotonya pun bahasanya yang ringan sekali Be. Apa ini salah satu kekuatan blogmu agar menarik dibaca?

“Hmm.. bisa dibilang kekuatan ga ya? secara emang cuma bisa itu doang.. ahahahaha…But on the serious side.. aku nulis dengan bahasa yang ringan supaya ga terlalu pusing sama tata bahasanya. Sadar diri aja sih kalau emang ga berbakat nulis yang serius nan dalam gitu. Dan dengan nulis santai gini rasanya lebih enak dibaca juga sama temen-temen yang lain ga sih? hihihi.

Untuk soal foto, pada dasarnya aku ga terlalu suka kalau liat foto kecil-kecil gitu. Gemeeesss, makanya pas pasang foto di blog sendiri sekalian ajalah yang gede. Pan sekalian promosi juga.. hahahaha”

Yang aku suka dari blogmu itu tidak melulu postingan serius, atau postingan makanan terus, paket lengkap lah, ada cerita sehari-hari, travelling, dll. Khusus untuk postingan makanan, bagaimana awal mulanya suka mengabadikan makanan yang dimasak?

“Aku mulai suka food photography itu sejak pindah ke apartemen sendiri. Niat awalnya sih mau mengabadikan hasil-hasil makanan yang berhasil dibuat sendiri untuk pertama kalinya. Ya maklum, akhirnyaaaa gitu loooh, bisa bebas ngacak-ngacak dapur sendiri. Hahahahaha. Eh pas lagi browsing-browsing resep kok kebanyakan hasil fotonya kece2 semua yaaa.

Trus nama pun orang ga mau ngalahan, akhirnya aku ikutan nyoba2 deh. Eh ternyata keterusan”

Sepengetahuanku, fotografi makanan itu kan bermacam-macam gayanya Be, kalau yang aku lihat dari foto-foto yang diposting di blogmu itu editingnya kerasa sekali, sampai ke detail contonnya grafis untuk judul makanannya. Bisakah itu dibilang identitas fotografimu Be?

Hmmm.. kalau sampe dibilang identitas sih kayaknya belum ya.. Tapi emang sentuhan editingnya kerasa karena aku belum jago dalam hal ngatur lighting dll. Dan masih keterbatasan prop & setting lah. Makanya satu-satunya supaya fotonya jadi sesuai sama bayanganku itu ya dengan cara diedit. Cuma kalau pada akhirnya bisa jadi semacam “trademark” atau ciri khas kayaknya lucu juga.. ^_^”

Nah ini yang sering aku tanya pada para food blogger, ada budget khusus untuk memasak hanya untuk diposting di blog?

Nope! Masakan yang aku bikin seringnya emang makanan yang akan dimakan saat itu juga. Jadi jarang banget khusus bikin sesuatu cuma buat foto-foto aja. Kasian Bubunya, nanti cepet bulet dia.. :D”

Aku pernah membaca postinganmu tentang tips fotografi makanan, nah ada yang aku amini, tentang pentingnya props. Sering bokek ga Be karena keseringan beli props untuk memenuhi hasrat bisa menghasilkan foto bagus?

“Hahahahaha.. belum sih. Menteri keuangannya galak nek! :))

Tapi biasanya kalau lagi jalan-jalan dan ketemu prop apa gitu yang kayaknya lucu biasanya sih langsung ambil aja. Asal harganya masih masuk akal, ya sekali-kali gak apa-apa. Tapi emang prop ini kadang suka bikin bete sih kalo lagi mau foto.

Kebanyakan punya prop, pusing naronya dimana. Kalo sedikit, pusing juga itu-itu lagi dipakenya.. sigh.. *banting piring*”

Kalau aku sih Be, seringkali kebayang mau masak apa besok pagi, motretnya bagaimana, warnanya harus apa, bayangan2-bayangan buat postingan blog itu kadang muncul saat kerja pula hehehe, apa seorang Bebe pernah mengalami begitu?

“Kadang-kadang. Kalau misalnya udah napsu pingin nyoba satu resep, mulai kepikiran bentuknya nanti gimana, plating-nya kayak apa, dll dari sebelum bikin makannya. Apalagi kalau ada contoh hasil foto masakannya. Jadi curi-curi ide gitu deeeh. Tapi lebih seringnya sih (80% of the time) on-the-spot gitu lah. Baru mulai rempong naro2 props pas lagi masak dan pas masakannya kelar. Makanya kadang butuh poles sana sini pakai photoshop”

Dulu mengenyam pendidikan desain grafis kan Be? Tepatnya dimana? Apa yang mendasari kemudian seorang Bebe nyemplung di desain grafis?

“Iya. Aku dulu kuliah desain grafis di salah satu kampus di Karawaci.. :P

Awalnya pingin jadi desainer grafis itu karena bercita-cita mau jadi animatornya PIXAR.. hahahaha.. Tinggi kan cita-citanyaaa.. *angkat dagu*. Tapi ditengah jalan sadar diri kalau ga ada bakat animasi dan akhirnya fokus aja sama desain layout dan photo editing. Eh ternyata jalan barunya malah bantu banget buat ngejar cita2 baru pingin jadi fotografer.. Alhamdulillah.. ^_^”

Sekarang pakai Canon 5D, cerita dong perjalanan kamera yang dipakai waktu mulai menyadari seorang Bebe suka fotografi?

“Kamera DLSR pertamaku itu Canon 550D yang dibeliin suami setelah beberapa bulan melancarkan rayuan maut *eciyeeeh*. Dari dulu emang udah suka banget megang kamera-kamera gede karena papaku punya kamera manual yang udah sering aku utak atik sampe akhirnya rusak *maapin Bebe ya pa* -__-“. Selama foto-foto pakai kamera 550D sebenernya sih ga ada masalah juga. Sempet foto pre-wed pakai kamera itu dan hasilnya ternyata cukup lumayan. Tapi kata suami kalau mau serius mending sekalian aja pakai yang full frame sekalian, akhirnya ya udah di-upgrade jadi 5D deh..”

Punya panutan blogger atau fotografer Be? Inspiratornya gitu lah?

“Nope! Maksudnya sampai sekarang aku belum nemu yang bener-bener ngasih inspirasi khusus gitu deh. Kebanyakan serabutan banget liat sana sini. Makanya hasilnya juga kadang suka agak labil.. hahaha..”

Sibuk apa saja sekarang di Swedia Be?

“Sekarang baru mau siap-siap lanjut sekolah bahasa lagi. Sebenernya sih awalnya udah nyerah ngelanjutin belajar bahasa, tapi rasanya kok kurang ya kalau untuk cari kerja. Jadi mending lanjut saja lah. Takutnya kalau kebanyakan bengong malah sibuk nontonin drama Korea mulu lagi.. ahahahaha..”

“Tinggal di Swedia itu bisa di pastikan mahal, secara negara maju dan masuk Skandinavia lagi, kiat-kiatnya bisa enjoy hidup disana?”

Kiat biar bisa enjoy tinggal di Swedia? Hmmm..

  1. Jangan terlalu sering bandingin harga di Swedia sama di Indo. Mungkin untuk barang2 tertentu boleh lah.. Tapi kalau keseringan malah bisa stress berat. Ciyuuss, ga bohong deh.
  2. Pasrah aja kalau pendapatan dipotong 30-50%. Sakit hati siiiih, tapi yang penting kan duitnya jelas kemana perginya.. hihihi…
  3. Rajin masak di rumah supaya duitnya ga abis buat makanan aja. Kali2 malah bisa jualan makanan :P
  4. Rajin ngecek harga dulu sebelum beli apa2. Soalnya kadang walaupun tulisannya lagi SALE, suka tetep lebih mahal dari harga di toko lain yang ga diskon. Intinya WASPADALAH!!!
  5. Tinggal dimana selalu ada plus minusnya. Tinggal kita mau liat minusnya doang atau mau menikmati plusnya… ya ga? hahahahaha bijak banget saya *tepuk2pundaksendiri* “

Kalau orang awam yang belum pernah ke Eropa apalagi tinggal, yang dilihat kan seringkali ‘enak-enaknya’, kayak kotanya bagus, orang-orangnya keren, bla bla bla lah. Cerita sedikit dong hal-hal yang kadang menantang, nyebelin, suka dukanya tinggal di negara orang Be?

“Hmm.. apa yaaaaah..

Pertama pasti faktor jauh dari keluarga bikin suka kangen rumah. Tapi hari gini kan ada Skype, facetime, dll yang bisa ngerasa deket terus.

Oh, kalau di Jakarta kan kalau butuh naik kendaraan umum ada banyak pilihan yang bersliweran di jalan. Bisa naik ojek, becak, bajaj, angkot dll. Nah kalo di Swedia (atau negara Eropa sih), misalnya kita butuh naik kendaraan umum itu cuma ada bus. Itu pun udah berjadwal khusus tiap rutenya dan jaraaaaang banget telat. Jadi kalau misalnya kita mau kemana2 harus tau banget bus ini sampainya jam berapa, trus bus berikutnya jam berapa, dll. Misalnya males ribet pilihan lainnya ya jalan kaki deh.. :(

Trus ga enaknya lagi itu adalah kalo males masak, pilihan makanan yang bisa dibeli ga terlalu banyak. Soalnya resto yang murah2 juga ga banyak. Paling antara makan kebab, pizza kebab, atau makan makanan thailand. Huhuhuhu.. kan saya kangen makan bebek goreeeeng :((

Terakhir, suka ngiriiiii kalo ngeliat yang di Jakarta nyoba makan ini itu.. saya mau jugaaaaaaaa T_T”

Budaya Swedia yang sampai detik ini bikin seorang Bebe amaze?

“Tepat waktunya edaaaaan!!

Kadang aku dan Bubu kan suka ngundang temen-temennya untuk dateng ke rumah. Misalnya janjian jam 8, ya jam 8 persis (atau kadang kurang dikit) pasti udah ada yang ngetok pintu. Jadi kalau misalnya masak apa gitu, enak banget udah ngerti harus mulai jam berapa supaya jadinya jam berapa. Harus ngasih snack dulu atau ga, dll..

Tapi ya efeknya aku dan Bubu pun harus sama kayak gitu juga. Alhamdulillah sih selama di Indo pun jarang banget jam karet, jadi waktu pindah ke sini udah terbiasa ga keburu-buru kalau mau pergi. Udah diplanning dari sebelumnya mau berangkat jam berapa, butuh naik apa aja, dll.. ^_^”

Terakhir, persembahkan deh tiga kata buat Swedia dan Indonesia?

“I love you..

Huahahahahahahahahahhahaha… *hush*”


Seingat saya, kunjungan pertama ke blognya Bebe itu dari postingannya di forum food blogger Indonesia di Facebook. Semenjak itu saya mulai mencari beberapa cela menarik dari seorang penggemar berat serial Korea ini untuk kemudian saya tampilkan di blog ini. Blog si Bebe ini menurut saya paket lengkap, ada cerita sehari-hari yang kerap kali membuat saya tersenyum sendiri saat membacanya, foto-foto perjalanan Eropanya yang terekam dengan sangat indah, dan tentu saja, food photography-nya.

Sebenarnya saat menulis daftar pertanyaan diatas via surel saya sedikit khawatir pertanyaan yang saya utarakan kebanyakan, hehehe, tapi saat mau diperpendek kok ya sayang, dan setengah percaya juga si Bebe ini doyan cuap-cuap ya sudahlah. Eh, tak dinyana malah ia menjawabnya lebih panjang dari pertanyaan saya, hehehe.

Daripada berlama-lama, kunjungi blog Bebe di sini, dimana Bebe sangat-sangat update mengenai banyak hal yang saya yakin, anda akan menikmati setiap tulisannya. Be, kita ketemu di Malmö tahun depan *salim hehehe.

Terakhir, mari nikmati beberapa foto hasil jepretan Bebe yang sengaja saya pilih karena keindahannya. Semua foto telah mendapat ijin untuk di re-post disini.







Okay fellas, see ya with another cool blogger next time! 

The Revenge 3 ; Dessert.

Dessert time or tea time because I spent it around 4-5 pm? I guess afternoon tea time rite such british has. I’m not a british so lemme call it snack time. Spending late noon with an iPad, culinary books, slice of strawberry mousse and cold iced coffee milk. I sat down open an iPad to see different inspiration of food photography from other talented photographers. I really love to do that, moreover I had a slice of mousse, it was perfect enough because it wasn’t over sweet. Don’t you think the color is perfect? I agree. Cold iced coffee milk was simply refreshing this noon, just need instant coffee and condensed milk, no sugar added.

Oh my revenge is over finally, I should do the latest one as I thought before to make a complete revenge (4!!). Cooking – Capturing – Uploading – Editing – and Blogging for a whole day? Oh I need some rest as well to be ready for the next day.

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 1

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 4

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 5

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 6

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 7

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 8

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 9

P.S. Because today was so so cloudy from this morning, I had to give extra exposure to make pics that I captured brighter. But don’t you notice different lighting on some of last pics above? The sun was peeked for minutes before she said bye-bye, you can see from the shadows of the glass and the coffee can easily. I think I should learn more bout’ the lighting honestly yea, all those pics on this blog is depend on natural light, and I never use effects for editing, none. All I need to do for photoshop-ing is resize and  lay-out, brightness and level is sometimes.