Meester Carlo.

Mr Carlo

Hey, just wanted to pop in this blog and share my small meeting with Mr Carlo, flower supplier for our company. Today was my first time I met Mr Carlo and he’s friendly man indeed. We shared our business relationship for hours and uh he showed me his cute baby boy in his iPhone that really well photographed! His son is so fine and I do love his expression in those pictures, so innocent in very very cute poses!

He visits some countries in Africa for days concerning his business on fresh flower and will be back to Netherland tomorrow. And before he gone I said “Mr Carlo, I’d like to snap you, If you don’t mind” haha, “Oh sure!” and as you see above, he looks friendly rite?

P.S. To be honest I always love to meet vary friendly people, make friend and expand my network in the future and oh yea I’d love to take picture with him like what I did with Aunty Linie. Unfortunately, today I was in mess for appearance, hahaha yeah I’m quite difficult to put picture of mine, I mean, I have to make sure my picture is deliberate before I post it here. Seeya in Amsterdam Meester! ;P 

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