Fly Home

Oh I had no clue why I was too lazy like a cat and just posted this post today, my sixth day here, at my hometown, Surabaya. Yeah I’m home! :D

Anyway before I REALLY wake up from my laziness and back to this blog for some posts (or STORIES? anyway) while I’m in Indonesia, I’d like to share what I did when I came back home. Just a little creative way to remind me how I felt that day when I had to fly almost 23 hours from Lagos until I stepped at Surabaya. Phew it was an exhausting journey.

Honestly the idea to write my journey on post-it came when I sat down on my seat at office just an hour before I went to the airport. I saw my post-it on my table and found my marker then I wrote something on it. Then I thought “Alright, It’s not a bad idea for my blog, first post when I arrive in Indonesia”. So, I brought that post-it and tried as much as I can to write anything along my journey, an indescribable journey (second times like I felt for my first journey last year, damn, It was so beautiful for me).

So, here, my first post from my home, my journey on post-it;







Lagos-Dubai-Jakarta-Surabaya was an exhausting journey really. But I had to thank to God cause this year I could back home in August so that yeah!!! I could spend Ied Mubarak (TODAY!!!!) here, in my home with family :)) Damn I’m so lucky!. Let me say “Happy Ied Mubarak for those who celebrate today! Enjoy our quality time with all our beloved ones :), Forgive all mistakes I’ve done!”.

Oh yeah, while I was waiting my last flight at Soetta Airport I read one of my friend’s contribution on Garuda magazine, she’s talented one, meet Putri here.


P.S I’ll try to do so many things while I’m here and try to share on this blog, please bear with my laziness :P.

2 thoughts on “Fly Home

  1. Hi, nice to read your blog and meet the blogger.
    I don’t know that you are Surabaya-nish and how funny, you miss the city and enjoy the Sugar Feast with your big family. Do understand, when you live abroad, family always being missed all the time.
    Happy Eid-Mubarak


    1. Hey Yoshie, thanks for the compliment. Thanks for visiting as well.
      Yes you’re right, family is always missed :) lucky me could spent Eid this year with them.
      Happy Eid Mubarak also!

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