The Gorgeous Winda

Yesterday was a small reunion for me with Ruli and Winda after a year. It was such a perfect accidental time for three of us to share our time together. We agreed to eat out and watched movie Monday next week but our plan had changed immediately yesterday. I’ll upload our eat-out pictures on different post later, this post will tell you more about Winda.

Winda lives in Jakarta where she works for multi-national company. Winda is a smart young lady who loves food, traveling, manga and sketching as well. She was graduated from the same school with me and Ruli, Sepuluh November Institute of Technology but she took Chemical Engineering, we were started at the same year. I met Winda two years ago at Grand Indonesia in Jakarta when Ruli asked me to eat out there. It was our first time went out together and Winda was so humble at the first impression. After then we went together for a quick trip to Bandung, hiking to Ranukumbolo last year with Maya and Ayos, and yeah Maya and Winda came to meet me twice to the airport at my last night in Jakarta before I went to Africa. The first time they came that night was raining (at 10 pm!!!) and it was so touchy :P. I will always remember that moment.

Lets get back to Winda yesterday. She looked so gorgeous on her genuine style (Ayos, you are so lucky for having her! :P). She wore a simply vintagish knitwear on top, English flowery skirt, and her coffee brown flat shoes were so perfect on her. I requested personally to Winda to look a bit different like what was we discussed before, and tarra! Look at her, I was so lucky could find a match set for Winda inside the mall where we spent almost five ‘quality’ hours. Thank you Winda for being indulgent to me!

Now, Keep your eyes on Winda (!!!) :)







I had no idea I could get this rustic set before :P Here I attached some details of the set last night








I will be so HAPPY if we have time to hang out together again, seriously lets orchestrated! :))


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