Sushi with Winda & Ruli

It was three days ago when I went out with Winda and Ruli and I just posted this (sigh). These are few pictures when we decided to eat Sushi before we watched movie. We didn’t eat much yet I think it was a pretty awesome moment when we could sit together, enjoyed our meal, and shared stories. Winda and Ruli who knew more for those Sushies than me took control to order our meal. I’ve been eaten at well-known sushi restaurant in town (well-known+affordable :P) for times but ssst let me tell you my small embarrassing secret when I have to eat japanese/chinese food, I COULD NOT eat with chopsticks properly. Please, don’t judge me for this. Shameful.

Anyway let this post be a short post to reminiscence my quality time with Winda and Ruli. So sorry I couldn’t remind each name of those Sushies, should I go there again to eat more and capture better than this?

SushiTe1 copy







Sadly we took picture when we were tired and well, I don’t want to grumble for this last pic. I should appreciate more of the QUALITY time we spent, and make note to capture better picture if we spend time together again. Whoof whoof I always love nice picture.


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