Last Night

Some pictures from last night dinner with my best friend since high school, Fahmi. We chose steaks, Tenderloin for him and Tuna for me. As usual I feel I’m not alright to skip our dinner time for minutes just for taking picture and sadly, lack of light always be my problem. If you see pictures above the light from the restaurant was quite strong, I struggled a bit to find angle of our food (I was trying to be friend with the yellowish light last night)

Lately I had no clue why I become so lazy to pick pictures for this blog, really, I had so many ideas before I left Africa. Ideas of food to be captured. I will try harder to fight the laziness and yawn, I’m going to take short nap, I have an appointment with Ruli this noon. I hope my eyes work sharp this noon, for? Should I tell you now? Nope, I’ll post it if I’m done :P.







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