Rujak Cingur

For me come back from another country where you work and live to your home and eat one of the most delicious food is HEAVEN. And food that you eat is cooked by your Mom, it’s another HEAVEN AGAIN.

I’m so lucky having a super Mom who cooks well for her family. I don’t have a doubt to say that she is superb when she cooks in our small kitchen. I’ve been craving one of the most delicious food from my region, East Java, for a long, like three months before I left Africa for my leave, it’s Rujak Cingur. I tweeted about Rujak Cingur as one of MUST-EAT when I came back. And she made it for me a week ago. You can say Rujak is another kind of traditional salad from Indonesia apart of Gado-gado.

Basicly we are Indonesian have two type of Rujak, Fruit Rujak (many kind of fresh fruits, sliced, and served with spicy and sweet sauce made from brown sugar, tamarind, chili, salt, and fried peanut) and Rujak Cingur. Rujak Cingur is made from fresh veggies (short boiled) like bean sprouts, water spinach, cucumber, bengkoang, served with rice cake, fried tempeh and tofu. The sauce of Rujak Cingur is made from fried peanut, fried garlic, chili, salt, petis (fermented shrimp paste), and sometimes we add terasi (shrimps cake), so the taste of the sauce is totally different from Fruit Rujak. Its spicy and a bit salty. Could you imagine the taste of Rujak Cingur?.

Oh let me tell you the meaning of Cingur in Indonesian. Cingur is kind of cartilage and meat of the nostrils and ears of cow (sounds scary? disgusting? :P). Nope! it’s not. The taste is something else. Like what I said, Rujak Cingur is one of MUST-EAT food from East Java, Indonesia.




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