A Present

I always teach myself one thing, if I have to give a present, it has to be proper. It has to. I dunno, I always keep in mind that giving a thing for someone, especially a person who you respect to, it has to be a proper thing. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, just a thing that is beautiful, useful and meaningful. The meaning behind it speaks louder, oh definitely.

Days before my flatmate gone, I asked him to help me choosing a wrist watch for myself. I know he has a better sense of fashion than me (in fact I’m not good enough!), that’s why I always ask him for an advice. When I picked the one I thought I loved it, a very simple watch, he said it looked cheap. Then I moved to one shoulder bag I fell in love at first sight (I couldn’t achive that navy blue for now, maybe later :|). When we were busy looking around all the items inside the store, he found this rucksack. Then I told him directly “Is it really nice?”, he said “It’s so cool!”. The I said “should we pack this? It’s for you. I had a will to get you something before you leave. Thank God I didn’t choose that brown watch for you as a surprise, huh!”. Fortunately, he was so happy for the present.

When he stand in queue at the airport few hours before he left this country, I looked at this bag and realised that it’s so cool really. The reddish color inside of this bag is so damn cool. Contrast yet harmonious.

Did I mention that I’m a Fossil lover? :)

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