Yesterday Me Time

What I love from Sunday is ‘me-time’. Yesterday, I was stayed at home and enjoyed food I love.

Morning, I love the fact that time went so much slower than my daily morning. A bowl of Muesli was perfect. Really. Fresh sliced banana, blackberries, strawberries served with mango yogurt was beyond awesome (I could have breakfast like that everyday!).

Afternoon, woke up from three hours napping. I did need something simply for lunch. Just noodles served with homemade chicken broth, lotta O-oil, raw spinach and boiled egg. Raw pepper and garlic was uh. I felt enough.

Then, late afternoon, it was a simply snack time. A little bit upside down enjoying smoothie not as breakfast but I didn’t think that way cause for me, having smoothie is always perfect. In every time, no?. When I looked at the texture of frozen banana, blackberries, strawberries and yogurt blended together, I just fell in love. I could ask more for a full glass of heaven, definitely.

Pics here are taken both with an iPhone and mirrorless, could you guess which?






Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset




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