Hello June!

O-maigah. I just had a quick dinner meal and felt blessed. This week such a very, ve-ry hec-tic week. Fiuh, working for five different events at five different venues in the same day was insanely ridiculous. I went upside down (I bet I went a little bit insane, worked two days without food. So poor).

I’m sitting on my bed right now, trying to enjoy every second to say hello to June. Yeay, June means I’m getting closer to go home to Indonesia! :)), Should I start to count down? Nope, still quite far tho (yes, Zis, you’ll have bunch of works in June :|). Okay guys, hope you don’t mind for this gorg, Peony, to brighten up this blog (ssst, she is my fav flower :)). iPhone snaps here.



P.S. Oh you guys who love flowers, FYI, you can see how Soraj Prathnadi snaps simply beautiful flowers in his Instagram :). That one in B&W was white Peony, tho. I love how that version popping up among the Pinkies.

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