Morning Festives

On my previous post I’ve mentioned when I had two days without proper food was so hellish for me, truly. When I was in the middle of that kind ‘day-and-night’ work, my mind took a second thinking about proper food as a revenge, particularly veggies and fruits. After that day, I decided to have my first strawberry and avocado salad as my breakfast (added kiwi wasn’t my idea before yet I love to see them in my bowl :)). It was very simple salad, O-oil plus lemon was my dressing. You guys who followed me in Instagram (or if you’re reader of this blog :P), I bet you’ve seen my iPhone version before.

Here, I gather breakfasts with colors that I’d snapped from different days (because in this era, taking pictures of your food before you enjoy them is a must, lol :P). Oh I know, I know, you’ll find another shot of my Muesli here :P.














I’ll drop some of the facts from these pictures :)

> The first one is my fav, I love the color coordination. The green of the broccoli was so perfect. I drank my water before that avocado juice, why? because my fettuccine carbonara was so creamy :P

> I bought purple cabbage (picture number two) just because I loved to try them for my salad. I used it twice for my salad and ignored it after. It sounds like I bought for picture-purpose :P

> It was my first time I ate beetroot :P. I was wondering how it taste since until I took some and mesmerised with the color. Maybe I’ll try it better for fresh juice than for salad yet I did love the texture of beetroot.

> That tomato soup was too hot for breakfast. I thought it would be tastier when I added chopped Habanero pepper into it. When I was tasting my soup and found my tongue was burning, I took those pepper immediately and throw them away :P

> Strawberry and avocado such a fresh combination for salad. If you want to try them as your breakfast, you should find sweet strawberry. I had very fresh yet so sour that morning.

> I always keep my food balance. I must have fruits and veggies every week, I enjoy cakes and pastries with limit for sure. I enjoy fried food as long as it isn’t deep-fried. If I don’t have a choice to eat healthy food but junk food, I always try to have lemon in water. That’s why you always see lemon in my pictures :)

I think we should enjoy life with good food as long as it’s good for your happiness. I know you are what you eat, but by enjoying good-tasty-healthy food is happiness, amirite? :)

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