When I met with Putri at Carpentier Kitchen where is located just by behind of ORE Store last year, I didn’t take attention to what and what they have there. I just impressed a little by the vibe of their industrial look. Then, in my second time visited that dangerous fashion outlet, I took home two shirts, and this, and that.

Here, I just wanted to share some snaps from my mirroless from last year, oops!








I heard a lot of cute places in Surabaya are ‘happening’ right now. I bet myself can’t wait to visit those ‘instagrammable’ places in the late noon, looking for natural light and play with cameras (I hope I can control myself from any dangerous there :)). Oh, when I stumbled around my Instagram page to find those rucksack bag and Spanish casual summer sandals, I realised that I took those iPhone pics a year ago which means….. I’ll be home soon :P.

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