Fancy Monday Breakfast

Nah for the title? Sounds cheesy? Pardon for that :P.

Here, I just wanted to share what I had this morning as my breakfast. I’ve been craved to have king prawns on my plate and I came out with a simple idea to cook them. What I did just boiled whole grain thin spaghetti, home-made tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes and a bit of tomato paste (for sure, it had a basic spice as well, red onion, garlic, ground white pepper and a pinch of salt). Quick grilled king prawns with O-Oil 10 second and put on top of the spaghetti (you can season it with a pinch of salt and pepper and do not forget to pour O-oil :)), as easy as that.



Oh please note, I couldn’t eat 1 kg that contains +/- six pieces of king prawns in one time. I just cooked the rest for my dinner, I chopped them and added into my stir-fried sausage and scrambled egg in oyster sauce.

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