Heavenly Sunday Lunch

When I was in elementary school, I loved to see an illustration showing breakfast/lunch/dinner scene inside my textbook. Where a Dad spending time by reading newspaper, his son and daughter playing their toys on the floor while their Mom preparing food for them. It is such a beautiful scene in real life, huh?. Even right now, I love to see that kind of picture which makes me think about a quality time at home.

I’m lucky enough since I landed here six days ago, I had a normal working time when I always go by 8am and back on 6pm. That chance makes me feel like “I’m a normal man live in a normal life” (it is true, when I had a lot of works and events, I have to work in the office on daily working time and overnight in the venue! :|). Since six days ago I’ve tried to spend mostly of my time in my flat. Cleaned up my room (after a month :|), cooking for sure, and back to blogging.

Yesterday I spent my Sunday totally in my flat. Woke up by 6am and started cleaning a whole kitchen from 6.30 until 9.30, then I cooked for lunch. I had an idea a day before to enjoy ‘Pecel Paste’ that I brought from Indonesia. Pecel such a compulsory food/spice I always bring every year when I’m back from my home country. My mom always make it for her last child :P cause she knows I love Pecel so much. There was the same story behind Pecel paste like last year when I was half-hearted to put it in my suitcase because of the weight (This post was written in Bahasa last year about Pecel, what? last year? time flies!).

I wasn’t listened to my last sister when she told me to bring Pecel and also, Serundeng, even just a half kg. If you always travel abroad you’ll know what is my reason behind it. In the end I brought Serundeng even yes, half kg only (now, I want more! :(). I’m not trying to let myself feel “Oh, I’m homesick, I’m missing Indonesian food” yet I realised, yesterday noon I thanked God for that Serundeng cause it made my lunch was so superb. I cooked chicken in pepper sauce and beef in sweet onion sauce to be eaten with Pecel and Serundeng. Even veggies in this Pecel wasn’t authentic enough but I did want to say it was a super heavenly lunch I had. Oh, I want to hug my sister cause she brought me ‘Kering Tempe’ (crispy Tempeh in spicy caramel) as well :). She and my Mom are brilliant in cooking and never fail in taste. I think it isn’t because they really can cook well (only), the love behind it speaks also :).







Here, how it looked when I added everything on my plate :)


What I love from that is a chance to tweak Pecel sauce to be added to dissimilar ingredients and it will change into a different dish :). I think I just had an idea to enjoy with.

P.S. Behind the scene of pics above, if you are interested :P.

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