Reminiscing Culinary Delights

I still have some food pictures when I was in Indonesia for this blog. Looking at them reminds me how delicious they were and of course, I enjoyed them so much cause I was in vacation (there is nothing like that, when all you need is just follow your desire everyday on what you want to eat). I rarely snap street food for this blog but here, you’ll find some iPhone pictures with little stories on them :).


1/ Batagor was among of ‘must-eat’ list and I had a chance to enjoy Batagor with Ruli and Ayos near their house. The best thing that day wasn’t only the Batagor itself but the fact that the place was near airport, where you’ll have a rice field in front of you and…airplanes flying very close. Sumedang fried tofu was another yummy snack that day when I and Ruli tried to catch sunset after we had Batagor.


2/ There was an afternoon when I wanted a treat of Crème brûlée while my sister and my nephew just had snacks. Another day, dinner with Andhi and Fahmi (it was such a great time!) and what I had on my table was a bowl of spicy ramen.

StreetFood-Bakso&Fried Duck

3/ Another street food I ate was with Andhi when we had fried duck for our lunch, and it was so so good. Sometimes it’s okay to stop by at one street food corner and guessing how the food will taste. It was I and Sohib’s late noon snack that day when I wanted to eat Batagor and found Bakso in the end.

StreetFood-Inexpensive Food in Bali

4/ I throw back to Bali when I had to manage myself to enjoy some Javanese food for breakfast and lunch. It wasn’t bad at all to try some inexpensive food, well, especially when you have to manage your wallet but you’ll have brown rice on your plate :).


5/ I think granola with yogurt and passion fruit at Zucchini, Seminyak, was a perfect breakfast to start the day. Another breakfast scene I had while I was in Bali.


6/ When I was in Bali, I took a day off to Ubud with Sohib and Andhi in the morning (I do not want to remember about how we drove our motorcycle that day! super terrible). By evening when I and Sohib went back to Seminyak, we stopped by at Denpasar for Surabi. Yes! Melted cheddar cheese with chocolate on top? I’m dreaming of it right now.

Anomali Coffee Seminyak

7/ Warm croissant and a cup of cappuccino was so so good to start the day. Morning scene at Anomali Coffee, Seminyak.

Warung Itali 2

Warung Itali 1

8/ Had seafood spaghetti at Warung Itali, Seminyak was awesome. Well, creamy ravioli was another mouth-watering treat. Enough said :)


9/ One of well-known food in Ubud, Ayam Kedewatan for lunch. And I was enjoyed my short time at Ku De Ta with slices of warm pizza.


10/ Well, I have to say that I’m a big fan of well-cooked tuna fish on street food.


SushiTe211/ Salmon in the afternoon? I could ask more (!!) at Sushi Te. And, matcha ice cream such a perfect ending.

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