November Gifts

This November has become one of the hardest month of work to me.

Even it went so much slower than past years (“ber” months are our hi-season in event industry, fyi) but I had a very stressful project out of town in the first week and spent a week for an event, it was hard indeed. Breakfast at the hotel left a lot to be desired, lunch was rare (imagine if you have to work upside down under the sun and you’re not eating and drinking), and all this on little to no sleep. After that stressful project, I decided to give myself a reward by grabbing some gifts (please don’t judge me as a cool kid who loves spending money for some branded things). This is just the way I thank to myself after I worked so hard :) all via iPhone.

1/ I’m not a ‘perfume’ person but I couldn’t resist to take home this fragrance by Gucci (oh, this sounds ridiculous but I really take attention to the design of perfume bottle before I buy, and I’m looking forward for another fragrance). Well, let’s talk about food :).




2/ I couldn’t say no to a delish treat after I had to survive without proper lunch for days (eek!)Little guys for an evening snack, and….. Belgian chocolate ice cream added with more almonds and yes, more dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s.


NovemberGift2.1 NovemberGift2

Oops, another chocolates completed my home-made mousse pudding with a cup of sugar free tea this noon.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


3/ Maybe you guys already seen quite often for strawberry and friends on this blog, but again, I couldn’t resist to have them again and again with yogurt and raw honey for breakfast. For an afternoon snacks (with a lifestyle) was frosted kiwi and assorted berries, such another way to enjoy iced fruits in a hot weather :).


NovemberGift3 NovemberGift4


4/ I haven’t done with food. Who can resist fresh prawns? (who?). I cooked spicy chicken and prawns soup with Chinese egg noodles, broccoli, chicken samosa, fried tofu and sweet corn in dumplings like this.




5/ Tara Ramsay to be added to my cook book collection, and a note book I needed for work.




6/ Another fact of me, I’m a fan of Zara, it’s affordable yet quite classy. I got this white crisp shirt from Indonesia through my flatmate when he came back from his annual leave (I really wish there is Zara store here). If I have a wish, this and this and this, would be on my wardrobe someday (now, I give up if you call me ‘cool-kid wannabe’ :P).


NovemberGift7 NovemberGift8


When I was painting a pergola for that project with white cellulose, my dark jeans got stain (not only that, my Mickey Mouse tee had too). I knew I enjoyed the work even if I had to do it under the sun. I wish I took a pic from that day so you’ll know that my job isn’t that glamorous :P. I thought that cellulose would easily vanished from it yet I had to get another one. And stretch dark jeans is so so good. And the last one (I promise). I wanted to find backpack but this took my attention (mine is the navy blue one, oh do not know why the price here is higher?, let’s make another wish, this and this are on my waiting list :)).

Well, hello December, let’s work harder for another fancy gifts! :P.

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