Flower Dome

Phew, I know I jumped anyhow to this post yet can’t resist to share beauties and colors here to pop-in a bit!

I have mentioned before to you guys to not to be boring with late post here cause I have a quite many photographs from my quick jaunt to Singapore. And right here, flowers and flowers from Flower Dome, Gardens by Bay will brighten up this blog.

On my last day, I tried to enjoy a sunny Sunday morning in Singapore. I really really enjoyed a moment I walked from my hotel, entered the MRT to Bayfront station and finally walked towards the park even though the weather was so hot and humid. After walked around the park where the Supertree Grove located, I bought double tickets to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest (I’ll post some photographs I took at Cloud Forest, it could be too long if I post it together :)). By the time I entered Flower Dome, I was quite pleased by seeing different flowers and plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions. I first enjoyed the flowers and captured with my iPhone only but then, when I realised that natural light everywhere, some beautiful shadows and close-up view of beautiful flowers, I brought out my mirror-less and captured them.

From all of these pictures here, my favourite one is those flowers that look like Delphinium! How I love the back light gives soft yet dramatic ambiance on the photograph :).









There is one thing I realized about photographs on this post that, no matter what your gear is, I mean your camera, it is you that control everything. Your creativity. I remember what Alice Gao (again, haha) ever said that “It doesn’t matter what other people around you are shooting; shoot for yourself and don’t worry so much about having the fanciest gear. Someone once said the best camera is the one that’s with you” (read more her interview here). I agree! haha, all photographs here was taken with my Sony NEX-5, only the last one below was taken with an iPhone 6.

I would say that I’m still dreaming for a professional camera with those first quality lenses to support my indulgence in photography in the future ;).








Capturing flowers reminds me of this post when I was mesmerised with peonies from the first time, two years ago!

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