Cherries Play II

It took me so long to write something about best friends in Bahasa. Once I had a will to write, I stopped. No words fitted on the sentences, too bad. Instead, I want to share some accidental shots last Sunday when I came back from grocery shopping in the afternoon and brought some cakes home. When I found cherry in the store even the price was higher because US Dollars is strong right now, I took it home as a gift for myself.

I didn’t even have an idea to snap them before I enjoyed later, then this happened. Sony NEX-5 versus iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 are those last three pictures below. I did a photograph of cherries before, in case you’re interested to compare it with this post ;).







I didn’t count how many times I played this catchy song on iTunes (even I love more by watching the video, looooovely visuals on the clip!). I enjoy different music genres, from this old Dangdut song, one from Robbie Williams, until this version from Nathan Hartono. Cinematography from this v clip is beautiful, love those wild animals on the scenes!

Well, good night peeps!

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