Some Hellos For The New Ones



Hi guys, just wanted to drop something short here bout’ what I’m feeling right now. It is not a secret if you used to live outside country (or you’re one of those who is living like me) that it never has been easy living billion miles away from your family, best friends, and loved ones. You may say internet can bring them closer but still, only on your iPhone’s screen.

Sometimes I can be so fractious if I’m missing my best friends outside there. Though I never cry, I swear, but forgive me if you find glazed eyes. But you know something that is more important than bemoan about it? Being grateful cause I still have kind humans called best friends. And this time around I want to be more grateful while I’m keeping my old best friends and say hello for new ones.

Last week Sunday I had almost two hours catching up with my Austrian friend, Andreas, on the phone. It is always nice to talk to him but the last time I was stoked when I could finally see his face again through Skype (this sounds cheesy right? after 3 years away from Skyping). And this Sunday, I had a pleasant conversation with my Spanish friend, Judith, after a while since we met in Japan. She made my day when she dropped a message in Facebook days ago cause I felt it was a bit difficult reaching her through e-mail before. There was one sentence she sent that made me thought how lucky I am could meet her and became friends. You guys know my buddy Teppo? I believe he’s enjoying a camp somewhere in Finland :) It’s been a while I never drop hi to my super talented good friend. And hi Hiromi! It was so good finally talked with you on your birthday two weeks ago, we really have to sit and enjoy chocolate mousse together from Joël Robuchon if I visit Tokyo again :).


“Talking about friendship, I have one thing I believe. We will always have a certain time to meet, know, see, talk and share things in life with our friends. We all never know when we will be separated yet what we need to do is to enjoy every second of our friendship and create moments and memories that will last forever. Just remember that kind humans you can called best friends is a gift”


Hope you won’t have glazed eyes like I do right now. Oops.

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