Mornings With Chia

People like me can be so discipline by saying no to MSG though somehow, a tin of Hot & Spicy Pringles can be an evening sin I do once in a while. If you are a strict person and straight for everything about super food and healthy living, maybe we can be a friends. I trust we will be a very, very good friends.

Recently I keep trying to be straight to what I eat in terms of healthy living. Come on’, I’m not that bad right if I tell you that since two and half months I fried my food two times and it wasn’t deep-frying. I swear, I bought a bottle of 900 ml pure vegetable oil and last for almost 2 months. MSG? You won’t find it in my kitchen (sst, my colleague has, a bag! OMG). I have a big bottle of spring water beside my bed, always. Been eating raw more often, O oil and a splash of fresh lemon juice on it, as simple as this. Brown rice, please! (bought 1 kg for a pocket reason last time, but I love how basmati brown rice taste), a cup of warm lemon water early morning, keep sugar as sparse as possible though OK, I always paralyze for yummy desserts. Those are most of the good things you can hear from me. Oh wait, did I tell you that berries will always be my forever friends? Like you know, I’ll do anything a whole-hearted. And the latest one is chia seeds?

Been enjoying those tiny cuties cause I want you to call me ‘you are among’ cool kids in Instagram and Pinterest by posting it on social media. Oh come on’, don’t take it seriously, you guys know I love to sound goofy by throwing cheesy jokes, huh? But let me tell you something, by the time you put 1 oz in a cup, pour water and leave it overnight in the fridge, and find them become jelly-ish the next morning, add yogurt or fresh smoothie, or even warm thick milk with cinnamon, slices of fresh colorful fruits, you are ready for a bowl of fruitful instagrammable breakfast. How about smoothie bowl?













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