Breakfast à la Azis

Fourteen of January and wow guys, its twenty and sixteen!! Who feels that January becomes a month when “What’s Next, What’s Next?” is flying on mind? Is it only me? Or you too?

Before I share photographs of my breakfast yesterday morning, I wanna make some confessions. First thing first, “What’s Next, What Next?” feeling is really bothering me lately when I keep thinking what my next journey is. It’s quite different from last year when I was very relaxed with what would I face a year ahead. This year, I really, really have to think what is my next step in life.

Second confession ; today is the end of my day off! I should have 10 days off but unfortunately, I just had two days. The rest was ‘half-day’ and still working from some upcoming projects. How do you feel when most of your colleague is resting and you’re still working? :(. Third, I feel like I’m not having a good start managing my allowance (hellooo! this is new year!). Trying to be discipline on spending my money but couldn’t help myself to not to pick a new bowl and two white saucers. Because sometimes, buying things like that for ‘food-scene’ purpose makes me happy (in fact, when you should be resting but still working, gah!).

Fourth, I cooked chinese noodles (been craving it for a while), fried chicken in thick honey and sweet soya sauce, and chocoffee (chocolate and coffee :|) pudding in one hour the day before yesterday just right after I came back home by 4.30 pm. I always love to cook something simple yet tasty. Quite brainless but versatile enough.

Okay, time to share a short story behind this breakfast scene. When I woke up yesterday morning, I had an idea to play around with my new bowl which I’m sure the color will be beautiful in picture. But then I found that hammatan season is still here and morning sun wasn’t smile and said no hello. I thought I would enjoy my breakfast normally without busy taking picture and I should forget photographing my breakfast-scene. I went straight to brew a cup of coffee and accidentally found a soft natural light from the window in my living room. I dropped my cup on a purple ‘flatlay’ and surprised that the color of the background was interesting enough. So, I boiled chinese noodles for a sec and mixed with the remaining sauce I cooked the day before yesterday (for sure, I kept it inside fridge!). Then, time to play on a new bowl! I added chicken on top and sprinkled with fried onion I brought from Indonesia. I was surprised that the light was fantastic, it wasn’t harsh yet gave a perfect lighting on the food. And believe it or not, I didn’t need complicated editing for this shot cause all the pictures are clear. A little touch-up in Lightroom and Photoshop for text (some of these are straight from camera)! Hm, I still dreaming someday I’ll have a mini studio complete with light box, so that every time I have an idea for food photography, I just take my camera, set the lighting and shoot!

Hello, it’s been a while for a food lodge on this blog (click on the image to zoom)!







Oh wait, I have one more confession ; I still want Sony A7r for my next cameraaa! :(

Happy Friday guys! Hope you have a groovy weekend just like how Justin grooves on this clip! :))


Have Courage and Be Kind


I got the title for this post after I watched Cinderella last week. I know you’ll think that I’m so cheesy but it is a very good words indeed.

Last week, I had a quite traffic on my Instagram page. If you are following me on Instagram you’ll know why. I want to write this here, on my personal blog, just for my own note. A note that I really, really want to share about something important.

It was started from my ‘screen-shot‘ post on my Instagram page two weeks ago when I was quite shocked for the fact that somebody, consciously, stole a lot of my pictures and posted (and claimed as hers) on her page. I rarely, in fact, it was my first screen shot post on my page. I take my Instagram seriously that all my pictures have to come from my iPhone. But that one, it’s an exception.

There was somebody mentioned me on her comment on my page that my pictures has stolen. I didn’t take it seriously then. After she mentioned the account, I visited on it and I was quite shocked that indeed, a lot of my iPhone snaps were there. I scrolled down to make sure that they were mine and I was smiled. I smiled because for me it was so funny. I didn’t have an anger tho yet felt a bit sad. Sad because I had no idea why somebody pretend her life through small thing like, pictures. I once commented on one of my iPhone picture on her page, and told her that she took a lot from my page and claimed as hers. She deleted directly and made her page as private, so that I couldn’t see it again. Before she made it private I did screen shot with my iPhone and day after, I posted it on my page. I couldn’t believe after somebody tweeted this case on his twitter, somebody that I didn’t know before, my Instagram had a lot of visitors and followers. People started coming to my page and dropped their comments. Most of them had anger to her, just few that gave their suggestion to delete my post.

For me, the message on that case is simply important that we, shouldn’t pretend our life. We shouldn’t steal somebody’s thing and claimed that theirs is ours. Maybe this sound’s cliché, but everything that is not belong to us is stealing, and it will never be a right thing. Come on, I’m not an angle that always be saint. I do mistake a lot, sometimes I lie. I’m just an ordinary man. But what I concern from that case is those pictures of mine is the same thing like another creative work that born from thought and creativity. We can’t just take it from somebody and claimed as ours without any credit. I did forgive her even though she never announce her apology directly and clearly to me. For some of them that asked me to erase since a lot of contra on my page about her, and few felt inconveniences, I respected their request yet I decided to leave that post there. I didn’t erase cause that’s my right. I have to be brave to say my mind, have courage but in the same time, I have to be kind to forgive what she did. I just want that case can give us the same lesson for what I had mentioned before that we, shouldn’t steal somebody’s thing and pretend our life. Oh, you can even read comments from another instagrammers that some of those, will make you smile or laugh.

Well, an iPhone snap of yellow gerberas above to brighten your Monday (I know, some of you guys already live in Monday, while I still on Sunday here :)).





I can’t even lie that I’m officially addicted to Instagram and the best thing from that is I can find so many inspirations from so many many talented photographers outside there. Daily!. O really, yes really, they are beyond awesome. I can’t even speak when I found Pei Ketron (I’m going to post about her :))) She’s beyond crazzzzy brilliant photographer I heart!) after I found Alice Gao (No secret that I’m among of her fans :) iPhone picture I took this morning, above, is #inspiredbyalicegao :)).

As a person who still learning, it’s such a simply joy finding some inspirations through the air. Since I started my Tumblr, I found easily Instagramers’s wowed site I’ve followed along. Here some my favorites you should put attention too like I do :

The easiest way to learn photography is to pay attention to them and keep shooting with your own camera, afterwards, keep learning and find your own style :)

Aw did I mention that those sites contain wowwide photographs? with clean and crisp background (dreamy blog that I always love so much!) Yihaa, you eyes will be pampered!

Happy Friday folks!


Greyish Still Life

Just wanted to pop-in a bit from food post. One day in the afternoon I ran away from my overload-brain-works and played along with my wrist watch. Catching an afternoon light and grey wall I heart in my office, design book and a bottle of Dr.Vranjes as a prop. I could say like I learned instant Still-Life study that noon.

I love the grey all over these pictures, from the wall, the watch, and the dark grey of that paper!





Just Garlic


I’ve mentioned quite often on this blog that working in event industry is challenging. Time flies too fast, so many instant jobs can come quickly, deadlines everyday, working over night. All of that can make you such a loser if you can not keep your life balance. It happens in me, until now I still struggling to keep my life balance. If I have to work overnight for two days (average time is 16 hours without sleep :| times two! Yes, I’ve done so many times!) I have to make sure that I have enough energy from food such an example, if not, I will collapse (God for bit! :|). Sadly, I have no choice if I have to eat junk food among my endless job. It isn’t easy for me that I have to fill energy, in the other hand I realize that they aren’t good if I take too much. By the time I’m on ‘me-time’ at home, cooking is such a way to pay my bill from those junk. Excuse for this long and tacky preface :P.

On this post I will share a simply light soup (or broth?) that I love to cook. Believe me this is so much better and easier than instant noodles if I have to compare with. A part of how simply it is, I love the main ingredient ; Garlic!.

I just love garlic so much either the pungent flavor or the health benefits. It isn’t a secret that Garlic may help improve our iron metabolism so for me, this garlic soup is the one of the simpliest-lightest-and fastest-recipe of soup I heart. This soup is such a DIY recipe, you just need 8 gloves of garlic (I always put more! slice them), pinch of salt and white ground pepper, margarine, vegetable oil, as a spice. Surely you’ll need chicken fillet as basic broth, carrot and leek for a flavour.


First step, boil water and put chicken fillet in it, prepare your frying pan and heat vegetable oil. Put garlic and add margarine. Then add pinch of salt and pepper, wait a second until you can smell the flavor. The spice is ready, move it to your boil chicken, add carrot and leek (sliced). You just need to wait for 15 until 20 minutes. The garlic soup is ready to be played with another ingredient!

Mixing with another ingredient is another thing I love from this soup. You just need to make it once and mix with pasta, vermicelli, or veggies. On that day when I cooked for lunch, I mixed with spinach pasta, broccoli, tofu and chinese lettuce. I wanted the pasta a bit dry so I wasn’t put too much soup in my bowl. The taste was so light.

Garlic soup with Pasta

Garlic soup with pasta 2

I was enjoying this garlic soup with vermicelli such an early dinner kind of. I just added slices of tofu, fresh lettuce, and sprinkled minced red pepper. Oh I always make sure my garlic soup isn’t too salty, it’s easier to make it saltier by adding salt separately.

Garlic soup with vermicelli

Garlic soup with vermicelli 3

The following day I had the same garlic soup for breakfast. Little spinach and poached egg were inside my bowl, and  little chilli and soya sauce to make the flavor tastier (chilli and soya sauce such a perfect mate, inspired by Bakso. I’m craving Bakso right now, gah! :()

Garlic soup with Spinach

Garlic soup with vermicelli 2

That’s it. Garlic soup is become one of my fav food from now, and do you think there is no food as simply as easy as quick as junk food? You should try this garlic soup! :)

P.S I just realized that these pictures on this post are quite Cereal-ish, clean and fresh, excuse for this confidence yet Cereal is so damn beautiful! :)


Firstly forgive me cause this post has too many pictures, I couldn’t control myself to attach them on. All of them have been chosen from three hundred and sixty something that I took one day for official opening of the company where I’m working with present. Choosing them wasn’t easy :D.

I’m so excited for this because I just realized that I could capture better and better. I do believe that good isn’t enough when better is possible and that’s why I will always learn harder sharpen my eyes to capture beauties around. O yes, I’m such a hunger for photography recently esp for space (!!!).

Alright last week on Friday, my company finally launched officially the new branch on Victoria Island with Traditional Italian Apericena concept. Do you know what is Apericena? Basicly Apericena is comes from two words ; Aperitivo and Cenna. Aperitivo or Aperitiv in Italy is just like open meals when people gather around just standing up with wines, champagne or other alcoholic/non alcoholic drinks and small foods. Aperitivo itself being served in many cafe in the early evening all around Italy. And Cenna means ‘dinner’ where people eat heavier meals. So Apericena is just like gathering two Italian meal structures start from Aperitivo with small foods and drinks, then eat heavier after for dinner but the food as I knew is lighter foods.

The Italian concept wasn’t only the flows of the event, the foods, but also on the decor. We decided to build pergola in white with a rustic touch and delphiniums hanging from top as an entrance, everyone loved that!. Because our office isn’t big and has two spaces one for floral and the other for decor so, we did two different concepts. For the backside we hanged white paper lanterns in different sizes which was very dramatic. Anyway I’ll show from the decor, here we go!



Apericena-Decor 4



Now I’ll show you the flowers that made all guests amazed, flowers are always breathtaking, eye-catching and enchanting! My fav one apart of Peonies (!) is the reflection of the window display, pic number three!. See that giant cactus is bigger than my head! I couldn’t imagine if somebody smacks that to my head ha!









Apericena Night


After worked overnight for three days there, slept inside car, on top of reception table once, junk foods for dinner (yikes! <– I had no choice :3), so apart of my job, there was time to enjoy the foods! Not only enjoyed the western foods and Italian foods, I was too busy running up and down to capture them :P even when I was enjoying the foods! I was busy to find black background and kept my plate on straight line with left hand and the right hold Nex7! Haha ridiculous!

The Apericena foods were slow roasted fresh bacon with spicy tomatoes (<– for sure I couldn’t eat that :D), baguettes, cheeses ; mozzarella and scarmosa (love them!), pasta!!!, big prawns with olive sauce, carrot cakes with cheese on top, I couldn’t remember one by one but I still remember after I ate five prawns, my fingers were freezed for a second :D Oh I hope I have no cholesterol ;P I just love that prawns! Yum!.

Beside the Italian, fusion foods were served as well like beef in heavy sauce, couscous with pome, salad, lamb, anymore. I enjoyed the fusion before italian (<— this sentence makes me hungry right now!). O yeah the chef that cooked the Apericena came straight from Florence so the taste was genuine Italian, his name is Nicollo. Hey wait should I move to be a coast to coast chef and travel more outside country just only for cooking? Haha, no, I prefer to be a food photographer with the same chance :P, I talk to much right? Sorry, foods? this!






Let me attach behind the scene :)







1) Nicollo, the chef . 2) Cheeeese! . 3) All guest got the souvenirs, a cute kalanchoe and one bottle of red wine! . 4) Madam Uche and Gozie after TV Interviews, I love what was Madam Uche wore that day, stylish orange! . 5) That isn’t my hand :P I can’t arrange flowers! My flatmates did great job a night before the event :D . 6) Ups those cutlery is very nice, we ordered them from ASA Germany, do you know it’s a bit sad that we couldn’t use them all cause preparation time was too short :( my imagination of those foods pretty arranged on them were disappeared, I wish I could bring those white plates and play at house on Sunday :P

Last, don’t mind me, just wanna pop in small thing! :D O I bought that black shirt as dress code few hours before the event cause I had no one (<– pity you!), o damn, finally found small size and very nice black cotton after went in and out some stores but the price guys? I don’t want to mention it cause rrrgh my saving money…o…I’m going home soon…I need moneyyy!!! :( nope I can’t be like that, lemme change –> :)

See this pic below, grey shirt and black? I love that colors! hehehe I’m so monochrome for shirt :) forgive me Dad for that champagne :P. Am I right that this post is so loooong? haha hope you enjoy this :)



Thanks Alice!

Alice Gao 1

First time I wrote about Alice was in Bahasa, and finally after I struggled to find perfect time to write this, here, special post for my role-model photographer ; Alice Gao.

To be honest, I couldn’t remember when exactly I found her instagram feed was, yet truly, I felt in love with what I saw at the first sight, then I followed her until present. For me, Alice is something else. She has awesome eyes to capture beauties. As an amateur photographer wannabe ;P (*I’m ashamed! haha), I can see every single pictures that she takes is thoughtful. Content, idea, angle, composition, color-tone, lighting for sure, it’s wowed me!.

I just can’t say anything by three pictures below, my fav pics from her (I’m lying, I love all her photographs!!!), Maybe I could say she is insane! ;P Oh nope, I mean brilliant!

See that Paris? Oh how could she capture that misty wonderful city perfectly in black and white? from The Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile? Speechless! And that scone? and the dessert also? Alice, you-are-some-thing else!

Alice Gao 2

Honestly, I’ve learned so much from Alice Gao how to capture things beautifully even I learn through cyber world. By seeing her picturesque blog, oh let me tell you my reasons why I can say her blog is picturesque. First, she presents her photographs in perfect pixels and big size which is it could make you want to see her works more and more. Second, she named ‘lingered upon’ brilliantly, it works so well, it makes you trap on it and lingered for hours! And third, she is very detail, how she choose the font, the color of background and small small things like caption, ah it is so well-presented.

And here, some of pictures in my instagram inspired by Alice Gao, I mean I learn from her ;P ;

Alice Gao 3 copy

Alice Gao 3

Alice Gao 4

Oh yes, she has a place among fav videos in my iPad, her short interview for instagram’s BIGGEST stars and I just read about Alice here also, you better open! :) . Anyway, from Alice I learn how we should enjoy to do everything we love, don’t ever afraid to choose what we love and keep learning until all eyes on us, and yup someday I’ll visit NYC and probably can meet her and learn directly for photography, someday :) Like what I wrote at number 7. THANKS Alice!

Alice Gao 4

P.S. Im a bit upset since last night with small nonsense widgets on this blog, how could they move from right hand side to bottom! :( Rghh, does anyone know why this could be happen on mine? Please share.

Just because I can not wait anymore to show you how AMAZING Alice Gao is, so, I’ll ignore this nonsense for a while and trying to figure out the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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