Greeting For December



“The last time I was on Skype with my buddy, Andreas, it was a month ago. I mean, how time flies?”



I believe it wasn’t only me when we woke up four days ago and surprised that December is finally here. Excuse me, the end of this year? isn’t this too fast?

December is the peakest season for a person who works in the event industry like me. Like you have to be ready working for 30 hours plus (2 days 2 nights that what I had for last two weeks!), ensuring so many things from A to Z before the events, moving for one place to another, and standing until the event started. Sleepless nights on December is such a normal thing (oh, hello Christmas and New Year decorations!).

Sounds tough, huh? It does guys. So don’t blame me if today I decided to pamper myself with some cool guys on my table. This was such a revenge from two days ago when what I had for dinner was only cheap instant noodles, yikes.









I know by tomorrow I’m going to work hard again till the upper week for continuous events and some will be out of town. Realized that I will be dreaming like “oh, I’m at nowhere, where can I get kale leaves for breakfast”, don’t mind me that is nonsensical non sense :P when I work out of town with hectic schedule. To be honest I have no idea how should I divide myself for that, tho. But I trust everything will be fine.

I tried to enjoy my afternoon by stood on my dining table with a slice of strawberry mousse and chocolate cheese cake with a lemon tea (sugar-less of course!). I brought them home along with berries and frozen croissants after I and my colleague had a Chinese food for lunch yesterday when we both had a day off (it was like a miracle we had Saturday off on December!).







Well, right now, I want to prepare myself to sleep earlier so I can wake up fresh tomorrow. Sure, after I finish picking some early Christmas gifts for myself on eBay (no, I’m lying, I don’t celebrate Christmas). Should I say it’s for an early New Year gifts instead? Oops :).


Mornings With Chia

People like me can be so discipline by saying no to MSG though somehow, a tin of Hot & Spicy Pringles can be an evening sin I do once in a while. If you are a strict person and straight for everything about super food and healthy living, maybe we can be a friends. I trust we will be a very, very good friends.

Recently I keep trying to be straight to what I eat in terms of healthy living. Come on’, I’m not that bad right if I tell you that since two and half months I fried my food two times and it wasn’t deep-frying. I swear, I bought a bottle of 900 ml pure vegetable oil and last for almost 2 months. MSG? You won’t find it in my kitchen (sst, my colleague has, a bag! OMG). I have a big bottle of spring water beside my bed, always. Been eating raw more often, O oil and a splash of fresh lemon juice on it, as simple as this. Brown rice, please! (bought 1 kg for a pocket reason last time, but I love how basmati brown rice taste), a cup of warm lemon water early morning, keep sugar as sparse as possible though OK, I always paralyze for yummy desserts. Those are most of the good things you can hear from me. Oh wait, did I tell you that berries will always be my forever friends? Like you know, I’ll do anything a whole-hearted. And the latest one is chia seeds?

Been enjoying those tiny cuties cause I want you to call me ‘you are among’ cool kids in Instagram and Pinterest by posting it on social media. Oh come on’, don’t take it seriously, you guys know I love to sound goofy by throwing cheesy jokes, huh? But let me tell you something, by the time you put 1 oz in a cup, pour water and leave it overnight in the fridge, and find them become jelly-ish the next morning, add yogurt or fresh smoothie, or even warm thick milk with cinnamon, slices of fresh colorful fruits, you are ready for a bowl of fruitful instagrammable breakfast. How about smoothie bowl?














Hello November!

While I have to prepare myself cause I’ve already entered this season oh December is in the front already!, I realize that staying in my home and enjoying every second is a must-to-do. I’ve been very busy lately, that’s why I have no option but enjoying my Sunday as much as I can. When last week I had to work from Monday to Sunday, almost everyday I had to leave office late and went straight to venue, you can predict how I ate rubbish outside there. I also realize that next week I’ll be out of town for venues and venues. So, I decided to spend my money for some fruitful foods and here they are, something nice from yesterday pick-me-up :)

9.15 1

9.15 2

9.15 3

9.15 4

I fell in love with my juice, apple plus carrot plus celery plus beetroot was awesome. See that color? How cool ya! :)