Jamie’s Italian Singapore


It’s better for me to squeeze my time to post this since I’ve been having hectic weeks lately. And it is such a sign that I have to prepare myself for an earlier December when I will probably have to work from Monday to Sunday.

And here is a short one of reminiscing the last meal I had with Maya when we were in Singapore. It happened when we were on our way to buy ferry tickets at Vivo City for Maya and Ranu, since they went and came back through Batam. When we passed Jamie’s Italian restaurant, I said to Maya, “Oh, I should enter and get some light meal. In fact, we should May. We still have time right? Come on, just a quick one”.

Then, after Maya and Ranu had the tickets in hand, I couldn’t even keep my last USD and changed it to SGD near the ticket counter. It was just because I wanted to see the interior and to taste the food at Jamie’s Italian. I requested specifically to have a seat near the glass window for a reason (read : to get natural light :P). We didn’t order heavy meals cause Maya and Ranu had to rush for the ferry of course, and I, my stomach was still full from ‘food-court’ meal I had in the afternoon and again, I had to rush as well to get some pieces at H&M store :P.

So, we just ordered mini burgers for Ranu, ricotta bruschetta for Maya, and I chose crab & avocado bruschetta with crunchy kale slaw. For me personally, I love the freshness of the ingredients for the kale slaw, it was just perfect. The bruschetta was on point, light and very Italian. The balsamic-roasted cherry tomatoes on top of Maya’s bruschetta was juicy, I was thinking how to cook the tomatoes perfectly like what they’ve done. Since we were in rush, I didn’t take many pictures of the interior on my iPhone, but I still remember there is an interesting hanging display of fresh ingredients where the chefs cook. And of course, I wish I had more time to have a proper breakfast or lunch or dinner there. Oh FYI, I’m a fan of Jamie Oliver :).







I suddenly missing Maya and her face, when she looked confused by looking at the price :P.

So Tasteful

Just want to share some iPhone shots from my breakfast this morning. I cooked meat balls in thick tomato and oyster sauce last night and the idea enjoying it with butter basmati rice came out when I woke up this morning. Fresh carrots with lemon juice and mint was so so good!




My flatmate is going for his annual leave back to Indonesia this noon and I’m gonna miss him (can’t wait for my turn!).



An Impromptu

You’ll be so happy if you have one more day off after the weekend. If Monday is the day, you’ll definitely be happier. After I did an Easter decor for the churches on Saturday last week, then attended meeting until late (and had a light issue in the house for two, oh no, four days :(), I had one day off for Easter. Just like in many countries in the world, Easter is quite important here.

When I woke up on Monday, I knew that I had to type my report for ‘last-night-meeting’ and sent it to my ED while she’s in London right now (I was off yet I worked, fiuh!). I was quite on time that morning for some other deadlines though I realised that typing a report based on my notes in notebook plus recording via iPhone plus (of course) everything that I had to remember in my mind, was quite exhausting. It took me went to the kitchen by 10 am to prepare some fruits with yogurt with bread and cheese for my late breakfast (this is what I love if I have time on the weekend when I can squeeze my time to watch movie and go for groceries shopping after, Cinderella wasn’t bad for last week :)). Pictures of what I had on my bed was an impromptu shot since I had to hurry up to cook my lunch.




For Lunch, I was quite pleased that I brought broccoli and turned it into a simply delish food. You know, I always love to see edible green in my food and broccoli is one of my fav. I always love to cook simply food, when I don’t have to tweak them too much. For this lunch, what I did was I boiled them very quickly (more or less just one minute to make them stay fresh), then I cooked chicken breast in soy and honey sauce, and enjoyed with shrimp dumplings. For sure, no need to include rice in this sexy lunch.







Looking forward for something new for my food, I really want to take some cooking classes to improve my skill if I have enough time when I’m coming home this year (really want to attend pastry class, oh come on, don’t count that day you still have months ahead Zis :|).

Food Collage via iPhone

I think one of the best thing from Instagram is how the account looks. I always love how beautiful pictures are nicely arranged in square, particularly gorg account from Instagram stars like Alice Gao (I know it isn’t a secret that I’m her big fan of Alice’s rad works!), Pei Ketron (another brilliant one!), or Aiala Hernando. Not only every time I see through my iPhone, on the website, those squares tell so many stories about them. Especially for Alice Gao, every time she uploads food photos, I’ll stop for seconds to observe the taste of food (by air, obviously), the composition, the lighting and the angle.

Taking food photos has become my biggest indulgence right now. Every time I cook or having a brunch in a cafe, I always try to take photos of it (yes, taking photos first then I’ll eat them). Food photography via iPhone or mirrorless of mine are taken mostly from above. I can’t lie it is the best angle. My friend told me that the top angle doesn’t need photography technic but composition. I don’t really agree, I mean, even composition play is more needed, there is technic on how to capture the food.

Because I always depend on natural light, breakfast is the best time to snap my food. Sometimes I’ll have a plan ‘plan’ to snap but sometimes it’s an impromptu. You might have seen most of my breakfasts below on my account yet I personally couldn’t resist to post them on this blog. All are taken with my iPhone5 weeks ago (even, sometime a year ago).




I can’t lie that seeing my breekies above is such a simply joy for me :). Hope you guys do not mind for some of recent breakfast scenes taken last week and this week. My fav time was the one with croissants and a bowl of rainbow :).