Jamie’s Italian Singapore


It’s better for me to squeeze my time to post this since I’ve been having hectic weeks lately. And it is such a sign that I have to prepare myself for an earlier December when I will probably have to work from Monday to Sunday.

And here is a short one of reminiscing the last meal I had with Maya when we were in Singapore. It happened when we were on our way to buy ferry tickets at Vivo City for Maya and Ranu, since they went and came back through Batam. When we passed Jamie’s Italian restaurant, I said to Maya, “Oh, I should enter and get some light meal. In fact, we should May. We still have time right? Come on, just a quick one”.

Then, after Maya and Ranu had the tickets in hand, I couldn’t even keep my last USD and changed it to SGD near the ticket counter. It was just because I wanted to see the interior and to taste the food at Jamie’s Italian. I requested specifically to have a seat near the glass window for a reason (read : to get natural light :P). We didn’t order heavy meals cause Maya and Ranu had to rush for the ferry of course, and I, my stomach was still full from ‘food-court’ meal I had in the afternoon and again, I had to rush as well to get some pieces at H&M store :P.

So, we just ordered mini burgers for Ranu, ricotta bruschetta for Maya, and I chose crab & avocado bruschetta with crunchy kale slaw. For me personally, I love the freshness of the ingredients for the kale slaw, it was just perfect. The bruschetta was on point, light and very Italian. The balsamic-roasted cherry tomatoes on top of Maya’s bruschetta was juicy, I was thinking how to cook the tomatoes perfectly like what they’ve done. Since we were in rush, I didn’t take many pictures of the interior on my iPhone, but I still remember there is an interesting hanging display of fresh ingredients where the chefs cook. And of course, I wish I had more time to have a proper breakfast or lunch or dinner there. Oh FYI, I’m a fan of Jamie Oliver :).







I suddenly missing Maya and her face, when she looked confused by looking at the price :P.

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