Food Collage via iPhone

I think one of the best thing from Instagram is how the account looks. I always love how beautiful pictures are nicely arranged in square, particularly gorg account from Instagram stars like Alice Gao (I know it isn’t a secret that I’m her big fan of Alice’s rad works!), Pei Ketron (another brilliant one!), or Aiala Hernando. Not only every time I see through my iPhone, on the website, those squares tell so many stories about them. Especially for Alice Gao, every time she uploads food photos, I’ll stop for seconds to observe the taste of food (by air, obviously), the composition, the lighting and the angle.

Taking food photos has become my biggest indulgence right now. Every time I cook or having a brunch in a cafe, I always try to take photos of it (yes, taking photos first then I’ll eat them). Food photography via iPhone or mirrorless of mine are taken mostly from above. I can’t lie it is the best angle. My friend told me that the top angle doesn’t need photography technic but composition. I don’t really agree, I mean, even composition play is more needed, there is technic on how to capture the food.

Because I always depend on natural light, breakfast is the best time to snap my food. Sometimes I’ll have a plan ‘plan’ to snap but sometimes it’s an impromptu. You might have seen most of my breakfasts below on my account yet I personally couldn’t resist to post them on this blog. All are taken with my iPhone5 weeks ago (even, sometime a year ago).




I can’t lie that seeing my breekies above is such a simply joy for me :). Hope you guys do not mind for some of recent breakfast scenes taken last week and this week. My fav time was the one with croissants and a bowl of rainbow :).






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