The Revenge 1 ; Breakfast.

I promise myself to make this Sunday goes well. Stay at home after crazy days last week, chilling inside room for a whole day, and absolutely foods! Foods? yeah that’s gonna be my personal revenge because couple days ago I was a bitter pill to swallow when I worked for a big event (I promise to post it soon).

So start from this morning, I chose to cook a quick one breakfast, just slices of pancakes with butter and Wilkin & Sons strawberry jam (finally I had a chance to grab that jam, I’m curious about the taste of it for a long and now I can say it’s a nice jam). And for drink I brewed a cup of bitter vanilla tea, bitter? yeah, I don’t like oversweet meal for breakfast so that I didn’t put sugar in my tea, bitter was so good after I ate pancakes with sugary jam, thats all.

The Revenge 1

The Revenge 2

The Revenge 3

The Revenge 4

P.S. No need to write long story here, now Im going to prepare pictures for the next posts, :) (posts?–with ‘S’? it means more than 1—>; yeah!).

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