The Revenge 2 ; Lunch.

Lunch ; second part of my revenge. After had a small breakfast I decided to cook heavier dish (I meant tasteful). I played with the ingredients that I had ; boneless chicken, as usual, basic spices and broccoli. I just cooked them quickly because in the same time I’d like to stay longer inside my chill room (<—lazy boy! *sigh) because I do realize that today is gonna be over and…yes…and…I will meet again with another hectic week.

Cooking boneless chicken is one of  the quickest food that I could cook today and it was so yummy indeed. Very simple and uh me want more (hiks). I spiced the chicken with basic spices, onion-garlic-pepper-tomato (always..hahaha). Not only that, I used tomato sauce and lime also, so I could get fresh and sour taste from basic spices and it was married with the chicken (I’ll post separately the recipe next time). I used lime instead lemon, I just realized that I didn’t have lemon and by preface I used lime juice. The taste was still yummy! Sour, spicy and so fresh!

For the side dish, I chose broccoli and baked with sauce that I made before, its the same sauce for the chicken. Oh my lunch today was so simply yummy moreover I had complete cold drinks, spring water, rose syrup and…and…red wine…(Ups I’m lying hehe that was just grapes,my Dad will kick and slap me if I drink wine I know :3). I tucked into my lunch when I sat down at the table, hehehe.

Alright, I’ll post the last part of my revenge after. Now time to enjoy the pics!

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 1

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 2

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 3

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 4

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 5

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 6

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 7

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 8

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 9

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 10

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 11

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 12

P.S. I posted a similar recipe before you can see here *different technique but the ingredient is the same*. Just because I remember the pics that I attached on that post was horrible makes me wanna re-post and now you can see the pics above, so much better rite? :)

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