Hey Sushi


“On my way to my apartment this evening, I scrolled pictures and played some videos in my iPhone from trips to Turkey and Japan”


It’s such a thing I always do every time I miss those vacation moments. I smiled few times watching cheesy videos I recorded at Haneda Airport with Luís, a video recorded when I had lunch with my best friends, or the one Saf sent me when we were in Istanbul. It’s a good thing technology helps us rewind those moments in the past even only on the screen. I should record more in the future cause it feels much more alive than a picture :)

When I kept scrolling on the gallery, my fingers stopped at these pictures, and it was raining a bit in my mouth. Look at that ramen! Imagine had a super power taking it from my screen and had it for dinner :(

May I Happy


“Oh May, you are already here…”


How could time fly so fast like this? I mean, it was like yesterday Andreas, my very best friend greeted envied me from Athens and Berlin. It was like yesterday I had secretly hurricane of emotion that broke my heart. And also, it was like yesterday I came back on Instagram after 2+ months took to one’s heels, posted a picture of Taksim Square right away from Istanbul, Turkey. So, where those first four months of this year gone? 

While I’m thinking how should I make the rest of this year meaningful and make progress with some personal goals, let me share some food photographs here (it’s been a while, right?). When I woke up this morning I wanted to just ‘eat’, I almost forgot that “hey, it’s been while you are not playing with morning light” and “that’s make you happy right?”.

I think it is necessary to set a good mood to start a day by doing something that make us happy.



Dear May, May I hope you will bring more joys and happiness rather than make me scarier with this life? 



P.S. The first pic was taken with an iPhone, the rest with Sony a6300.

The Revenge 3 ; Dessert.

Dessert time or tea time because I spent it around 4-5 pm? I guess afternoon tea time rite such british has. I’m not a british so lemme call it snack time. Spending late noon with an iPad, culinary books, slice of strawberry mousse and cold iced coffee milk. I sat down open an iPad to see different inspiration of food photography from other talented photographers. I really love to do that, moreover I had a slice of mousse, it was perfect enough because it wasn’t over sweet. Don’t you think the color is perfect? I agree. Cold iced coffee milk was simply refreshing this noon, just need instant coffee and condensed milk, no sugar added.

Oh my revenge is over finally, I should do the latest one as I thought before to make a complete revenge (4!!). Cooking – Capturing – Uploading – Editing – and Blogging for a whole day? Oh I need some rest as well to be ready for the next day.

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 1

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 4

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 5

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 6

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 7

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 8

The Revenge 3 - Dessert 9

P.S. Because today was so so cloudy from this morning, I had to give extra exposure to make pics that I captured brighter. But don’t you notice different lighting on some of last pics above? The sun was peeked for minutes before she said bye-bye, you can see from the shadows of the glass and the coffee can easily. I think I should learn more bout’ the lighting honestly yea, all those pics on this blog is depend on natural light, and I never use effects for editing, none. All I need to do for photoshop-ing is resize and  lay-out, brightness and level is sometimes.

The Revenge 2 ; Lunch.

Lunch ; second part of my revenge. After had a small breakfast I decided to cook heavier dish (I meant tasteful). I played with the ingredients that I had ; boneless chicken, as usual, basic spices and broccoli. I just cooked them quickly because in the same time I’d like to stay longer inside my chill room (<—lazy boy! *sigh) because I do realize that today is gonna be over and…yes…and…I will meet again with another hectic week.

Cooking boneless chicken is one of  the quickest food that I could cook today and it was so yummy indeed. Very simple and uh me want more (hiks). I spiced the chicken with basic spices, onion-garlic-pepper-tomato (always..hahaha). Not only that, I used tomato sauce and lime also, so I could get fresh and sour taste from basic spices and it was married with the chicken (I’ll post separately the recipe next time). I used lime instead lemon, I just realized that I didn’t have lemon and by preface I used lime juice. The taste was still yummy! Sour, spicy and so fresh!

For the side dish, I chose broccoli and baked with sauce that I made before, its the same sauce for the chicken. Oh my lunch today was so simply yummy moreover I had complete cold drinks, spring water, rose syrup and…and…red wine…(Ups I’m lying hehe that was just grapes,my Dad will kick and slap me if I drink wine I know :3). I tucked into my lunch when I sat down at the table, hehehe.

Alright, I’ll post the last part of my revenge after. Now time to enjoy the pics!

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 1

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 2

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 3

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 4

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 5

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 6

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 7

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 8

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 9

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 10

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 11

The Revenge 2 - Lunch 12

P.S. I posted a similar recipe before you can see here *different technique but the ingredient is the same*. Just because I remember the pics that I attached on that post was horrible makes me wanna re-post and now you can see the pics above, so much better rite? :)

The Revenge 1 ; Breakfast.

I promise myself to make this Sunday goes well. Stay at home after crazy days last week, chilling inside room for a whole day, and absolutely foods! Foods? yeah that’s gonna be my personal revenge because couple days ago I was a bitter pill to swallow when I worked for a big event (I promise to post it soon).

So start from this morning, I chose to cook a quick one breakfast, just slices of pancakes with butter and Wilkin & Sons strawberry jam (finally I had a chance to grab that jam, I’m curious about the taste of it for a long and now I can say it’s a nice jam). And for drink I brewed a cup of bitter vanilla tea, bitter? yeah, I don’t like oversweet meal for breakfast so that I didn’t put sugar in my tea, bitter was so good after I ate pancakes with sugary jam, thats all.

The Revenge 1

The Revenge 2

The Revenge 3

The Revenge 4

P.S. No need to write long story here, now Im going to prepare pictures for the next posts, :) (posts?–with ‘S’? it means more than 1—>; yeah!).

In Hurry, Duh!

In hurry? What does it mean?

Okay, lemme tell you, all these pictures on this post are taken this morning, as usual, preparing breakfast could be a big deal if, yes, IF I have short time and I had. My main food was few slices of pan roasted brown bread (I should have a toaster huh! I know *yawn). Side dish was Ryvita Dark Rye Cripsbread that I served with super simple yummy topping. I spread mayo, put pinch of grated cheddar cheese, tiny slices of fresh tomato, small red onion, and small chili sauce. Oh I still had slices of fresh avocado on it. Ah fellas, you have to try to taste that cripsbread with that topping, I’m serious it was melted in my mouth.

The first thing I saw this morning was my ‘five-days-ago‘ avocados had been ripped finally on my dining table. I’ve already served cold milk (I brewed condensed milk, hehe, I had no packed fresh milk) since last night to be used for avocado juice and tarra you can see from last pic, I served it for dessert after I ate orange. Hmm what is the relation with “In hurry”? I just realized that I had only 15 minutes to prepare myself before I had to go to work, can you imagine? And all pics that I took were so random, some of them were flat, duh. Fortunately, I still have nice ones, my fav pics are the orange and the avocado.

And how about those foods? I grab a bite to eat!!! I packed them and enjoyed in office! Hahaha, ridiculous. I just enjoyed my cold avocado and orange before I went to work. The remain avocado juice I packed them also, half of jar!!. Hmm, I should be smarter to manage my morning time later. Anyway, this post is gonna be too long if I don’t stop my writeup.

Time to enjoy the pics! Nom-nom.

In Hurry 1

In Hurry 2

In Hurry 3

In Hurry 4

In Hurry 5

In Hurry 6

Lazy Morning.

Hey watsap fellas? Hope your sunday went well. I’d like to share you what my breakfast was. Sunday, and I was so lazy to cook my breakfast this morning but it wasn’t because I was ‘lazy-lazy‘ actually. I chose to wake up late because I worked overnight the day before and sure I slept more than my normal time. My breakfast were chocolate croissant (officially croissant lover! I do), cereals, slices of fresh orange and soya milk. It was so simple and yummy in the same time.

Can you see my last bite of choco croissant on this post and imagine the taste? You should because it was very very nice, hehehe. Enjoy the pics! Nom-nom.

Lazy Breakfast 1

Lazy Breakfast 2

Lazy Breakfast 3

Lazy Breakfast 4

Lazy Breakfast 5