It’s been a while since I pushed to work out my crazy April. I was too busy until I had no time to pick out pics from my food lodge and share it here. For some reasons I always think that work too hard means yea yea yea I have to do my personal revenge after. Food is one of a perfect revenge and capture them always be another pleasure. I was enjoyed my Sunday morning last week with a piece of fruit pastry, a cup of coffee milk,and glass of refreshing lemon water. You see magazine on the table? That wasn’t a prop, it was my homework on Sunday. Uh, you see I had breakfast and homework in the same time huh?

Then, in the late noon on Sunday as usual, I always love dramatic light comes out from my window, so capturing smoothie that I made was so fun. The bamboo chopping board beautifying my smoothie even the light was so strong (that’s a new board!).

Last, tiny pancakes that I cooked for my breakfast yesterday looks yummy indeed, gathering fresh banana and Nutella, and some fresh strawberry on it was a simply perfect mood booster. Oh again, blueberry, strawberry, frozen banana and yogurt was so yummy as my pancake’s mate makes me want one more glass.

Ups, forgive me for too many pics on this post, I just too excited for fruits!

Fruit Pastry 1

Fruit Pastry 6

Fruit Pastry 2

Fruit Pastry 3

Fruit Pastry 4

Fruit Pastry 5

Smoothie 2

Smoothie 4

Smoothie 3

Smoothie 1



Fruit Pancake 1

Fruit Pancake 2

Fruit Pancake 3

Fruit Pancake 4

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