Ladurée Singapore

While I’m still thinking and trying to write about how grateful I was, when I had chances to see my best friends this year in Indonesia, let me jump quickly for some iPhone pictures of Ladurée Singapore.

Visiting Ladurée store was on my list when I spent 4 days in Singapore for my quick jaunt this year. I had two main reasons why. First, I’ve eaten macarons several time but wondering their luxury double-decker macarons taste was on my mind since I dreamt about Paris. Second, I wanted to learn how Ladurée as one of the most well-known luxury bakery and sweets maker house in the world package their products. So in one fine afternoon on my third day in Singapore, I went to Takashimaya in Orchard road with Maya.

Entering hi-class mall with hi-class stuffs everywhere made me dizzy a bit (cause I couldn’t bring them home :P). Just five minutes after we entered the mall we found Ladurée’s counter. But I said to Maya that I wanted to buy the macarons in their store because I was so sure we could see more eye-candy macarons and other products, plus their beautiful interior. Because it was lunch time, both of us and Ranu (Maya’s cute son) decided to find something heavier for lunch. Then, after we went around to Harrods and other stores buying some goodies for both of us, we finally found Ladurée store and our eyes were sparkling. The interior is beautiful, details everywhere, and I fell in love with how Ladurée takes graphic design on their packaging seriously. I was so confused when I had to choose my own box of 6 and 8 macarons :P. The macarons? well, you’ll know the difference why their macarons is quite expensive if you grab some :). The texture and the taste of their fresh macarons is different. Crunchy outside, fluffy inside.

Do you think spending S$70 for 14 macarons is worth-it since the macarons have to fly over from Paris?









Oh, visiting Ladurée in Paris is still in my dream, tho :). Just like how Alice Gao was excited about Ladurée when she hadn’t never been to Paris that time (I think she made a wish to see Paris on that post and she flew to Paris many times years after!, should I put this post as a simply wish to see Paris soon? :)).

This Wool

If you a reader of this blog you will know that I’m not a colorful person. Especially if I talk about outfits or interior I love. I always feel dark color has more character and classier. I definitely in love with black, shades of grey such as charcoal, dark grey, or gunmetal. White? definitely. I’m more on monochrome if you ask me.

Everytime I’m going home for my annual leave, I always have a budget for outfits. The reason why I prefer to shop in Indonesia is one, I can find easily design and size that fits me. Zara and Topman still my favs. Second, if I compare about the price for outfits between here and in Indonesia, with so so price at Zara or Topman shops but the quality is lower, I don’t even think twice to close my eyes to spend money here, except for this one.

First time I saw it at the store I just said to myself ‘hold on until you come home’. Looking at the price made me like ‘yikes, I had to hold on’ (fyi, I once asked when I bought this guy why the price was higher than what I found in Indonesia, she said because it came straight from Paris, well). When I got a text from the store that they were doing sale for some items, I brought one home (even though the price was still high for me, pfft). The fact that it made from pure new wool makes this sweater super comfy and the soft greyish blue seems like, I should experiment more with other neutral colors in my wardrobe.


Last year when I came back home I found that my eyes sparkled into another dark color for my outfits. I took mostly shirts in dark blue along with black jackets. As I said, I feel dark color is just me.



You know one funny thing about me is when I realised that I’ll be going home soon, I can’t help myself to not to browse some items from Zara and Topman. There are some items that took my attention for this year ;

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  | 10

I’ll see if I can afford to bring them home this year :). Hopefully.




I’d mentioned on this blog couple weeks before I went home that I couldn’t wait to visit some new gorg cafes and restaurants in my hometown. Domicile was among. It was one of my ‘must-visit’ places this year after I heard so many instagrammers posted it as one of the hottest places in Surabaya (oh, well you’ll see many people play with their camera at Domicile). I went there twice, first time was a special one.

I finally had a short yet quality time with my crazy best friends, Maya, Ruli and Winda after a year (it was so sad Ayos couldn’t come). I was so super excited because we met and spent Friday noon in Domicile. I was excited because of three things. One, yes because I had an opportunity to see them in Friday noon and enjoyed some fancy foods. Second, I finally could meet with Ranu, Maya’s toddler. He was totally super cute (look at him here). Last thing was after from Domicile we still could go around to find sweets (Rifda joined us), took Ranu to City Hall to play water (oh Maya, come on, bring him to a proper water park :P) with lots of laugh and full of joy from noon to evening. We spent half day until Maya and Ranu had to come back to Malang, Winda had to meet her family for quality time, I had to visit Zara store, and Ruli had finished became our driver that day (:P).

Second time in Domicile when I met Wana. That noon was a slightly different when I took minutes (I left Wana with our pizza :P) to play more with my mirrorless. I realised that week was my last week in Indonesia so that I tried as much as I could to capture the beauty of spaces. I was impressed with the beauty of the interior and the elements, natural light everywhere, and for sure, that tiles. Let these photos tell you more.

















I didn’t take a deep attention to the food just because Domicile is quite new opened, the signature taste wasn’t strong enough for me (maybe this isn’t fair enough cause I haven’t tried a whole menu). But I was quite thrilled with the food presentation (I know I become crazy every time I see beautiful white plates :P). I didn’t take food pictures a lot when I was there, just iPhone and mirrorless pictures below when I had fun with Maya, Ruli and Winda (hand-pose here wasn’t an impromptu! :P).




I think I should try sweets on top.

P.S. Well, that time they played a little ‘cinema’ that our meeting would never be happened (sigh). I couldn’t imagine if we couldn’t make it that day cause I know, it was not easy to gather us when we had our own events, but I thanked God. I thanked also to three of them for their time, tho.

Corner House

I’m a bit late to post some of remain pictures from my very short trip to Bali. I’m trying to figure out ‘me time’ when I can enjoy a cup of coffee and pick food photographs when I was in Indonesia to be posted on this blog (a splash of food lodge on this post, I think it’s been a while, amirite?).

On my last day in Bali, I had a chance to visit Corner House in Seminyak. When I woke up that morning, I was really wanted to enjoy a proper light breakfast. I kept thinking to sit down at the airy restaurant with a cup of cappuccino and a warm croissant. I didn’t need to think twice to enjoy my morning at that newly opened restaurant-bar-interiors. Apart of the eye-catching cappuccino, the interior catched my attention, also.

I was really enjoy the vibes and quickly looking for a croissant in the menu list. I found cappuccino and fruit salad to be added on my order. To be honest, I ordered the salad for my picture purpose only cause I thought I would need colors for my picture :) yet I didn’t regret cause I always love plain yogurt and fresh fruit in a bowl. I looked around the restaurant and thought to play with my camera when I remembered that I didn’t take many photographs while in vacation. I was in the middle of ‘lemme enjoy this last breakfast without worry about picture’ and ‘keep going with camera before you leave this island’. I just wanted to enjoy every second of my time before I left in the afternoon yet I couldn’t deny that I engaged with camera and food. So, when my cappuccino, croissant and eye-catching fruit salad already on my table, I couldn’t resist to take picture before I ate them.

It was such a funny moment when my best friend, Sohib broke his fast that morning after he found my fruit salad catched his attention. In the end he ordered muesli with exotic fruit and plain yogurt with a cup of cappuccino. Another funny moment I had that morning was when a French man asked me to snap his food after he saw me became crazy with camera for twenty minutes. Now, it sounds really crazy. I quickly used my iPhone and took one picture only, haha. I just snapped one picture (number six, here), no more cause i thought it wasn’t polite to come to other people’s table and busy in front of their meal. However, he and the lady in front of him were welcome enough to converse with me (yeah well, I did wish I could speak in French that day instead of English). We had a five minutes warm conversation before I came back to my table and enjoyed my breakfast.




















You see the lamb burger above was my first burger after two years (it is true!). That day was an exception to eat burger cause at least the burger wasn’t cooked in the fast food restaurant. I ordered along the orange juice for my lunch. Sohib and I came back to meet Andhi before we left that noon. I thought Andhi would wait for me for a lunch (I know you’ll think that it would be nice to snap a complete table with food scene) yet he couldn’t wait because of starving as well :P. I took my chance to linger around the restaurant to take more of interior photographs. The industrial look just awesome and plus, I found that in the upstairs the natural light was gorgeous (if I shouldn’t mention that I fell in love with that plant in that corner). I would like to come back again for a proper food snap with that gorgeous light.

P.S. Should I mention here after we met in the Corner House and came back to the hotel to pick our suitcases, we had a traffic and arrived late in the airport? When we had to run like headless chickens until we entered the gate? :P. I couldn’t even forget that totall-ridiculously-funny moment.

A Better (Stylish) Vision


One fact about me is I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in second year in junior high school. I pretty clear remember when my Dad and I went to the optician after he checked my eyes in ophthalmologist. We chose (he was the one actually) the frame for my first glasses with a quality lenses. He thought that the glasses was more important than the frame. Oh okay, I did agree without asking anything. I did remember first time I wore the glasses I felt like I was so cool. A year after I wore my first glasses there was a time to change the lenses. I should scared with my higher minus yet I did not. I was so happy cause I thought if I changed the glasses I would have new frame in the same time yet it wasn’t that easy. My Dad said that the frame was still okay, again, the lenses was more important for him (not for me :(). I knew that was made sense but you know guys, after a year without a new look (that time!) was a disaster, haha. I remember when my Dad spent his money for my second glasses (only :() I made a vow ; “Someday, if I have my own money, I won’t buy a quality glasses only, I’ll get my “me” stylish frame”.

After then, I did not remember how many times I changed my glasses but this one is the best I ever had. I browsed that frame few days before I went home. I knew I felt in love with the John Lennon-esque design but I didn’t expect that the frame is so comfortable and super light after I wore for the first time. I love the whole look of that frame, stylish, black, sleek, and I do love so much if the brand is not obvious in the eye. You will have a little “wow” pleasure when someone guess “what brand is that?” and they’ll see it from the back :). I truly made a good decision to bring it home :).



The pictures above was an impromptu shot when I was waiting while my two flatmates were eating their fast food (I just ordered a bottle of mineral water with an apple in my bag, I swear :)). I didn’t expect that the sunlight was so bright yesterday noon cause since I landed here the weather is windy, rainy, and cloudy. So, when I realised that I had beautiful lighting and the table in front of me is white my brain and my eyes worked quickly. I took my iPhone and yay, I’m happy everytime I have an impromptu moment and get a beautiful shot! :)

Happy Monday guys!


I could say I fell in love with the vibe of Historica, one of the happening coffee spot in Surabaya. I went there three times yet I didn’t take many photographs cause sometimes, it’s better to feel the vibe and the coffee than busy taking picture. First time I went there was that day I met Ayos and Winda (I know, you’ve seen my previous post shown the space before), and accidentally fell in love with their Macha Latté.

If you want to visit Historica for coffee, I suggest to come when they just open in the morning. You’ll get the perfect morning light (it is very important if you love taking picture like me :P) and the calm ambiance to enjoy your coffee more with your Kinfolk or Cereal :). Cause sometimes it is a bit annoying if you are in the coffee shop and get clamorous from people around you (I had that experience in my last visit when I came in the afternoon, gah!).

Here, I just wanted to share some iPhone snaps of the interior. Two last pics are an exception, taken by Sony NEX5. Oh, did I mention I want to have that gorg tiles for my future home? :)










Then, I Lied

There was an afternoon in the office, when my colleague was looking for wrist watch for herself. She asked me how the one she picked was on one online store. Then I opened Fossil site to look some affordable designs that would be fit in her. I didn’t realise that I made a mistake by opening that dangerous site when I found a beautiful one on men collection. Sigh my heart was stolen by this blue.

I realised that I had the same design before (this!). But then, it was the only wrist watch in Fossil site that has blue and rose gold color for men (I just opened their website and found this automatic one, damn! gorgeous and it is blue!). I fell in love with the color, I know myself is a grey and black person, so finding blue and rose gold was totally out of my comfort zone.

Here a short story about this wrist watch. One Sunday, I went to get fresh air by watching a movie in cinema. I passed one store inside the mall that sells watches and I found the blue I saw in the website. I looked at it and I thought it was quite rare color for a Fossil watch. I couldn’t lie that the color combination looked rich yet still simple (now, you guys know me more that I always love simplicity in appearance, either in outfits or accessories). I didn’t take home cause I kept thinking that I shouldn’t buy the same design, then I lied to myself. When I knew that my friend was wanted to go to the mall to get tools he needed for work, I decided to get that blue home for me (even I had to close my eyes for $80 pricier than the price on Fossil website. The price here is crazy sometimes, gah).




Now I’m thinking to get the automatic one if I find it in black to be added in my Fossil collection, later when I’m home :P. Omaigah, opening Fossil site is always dangerous, indeed.


When I met with Putri at Carpentier Kitchen where is located just by behind of ORE Store last year, I didn’t take attention to what and what they have there. I just impressed a little by the vibe of their industrial look. Then, in my second time visited that dangerous fashion outlet, I took home two shirts, and this, and that.

Here, I just wanted to share some snaps from my mirroless from last year, oops!








I heard a lot of cute places in Surabaya are ‘happening’ right now. I bet myself can’t wait to visit those ‘instagrammable’ places in the late noon, looking for natural light and play with cameras (I hope I can control myself from any dangerous there :)). Oh, when I stumbled around my Instagram page to find those rucksack bag and Spanish casual summer sandals, I realised that I took those iPhone pics a year ago which means….. I’ll be home soon :P.


Just a short post for a cute boutique apartment I stayed in Jakarta, just one day before I went back to Africa ; Morrissey Jakarta. Beautiful small studio-room with a touch of modern industrial concept was quite interesting for me to spend in. Oh, exploring  another spaces inside Morrissey was interesting though apart of the room.









Hope you don’t mind for food pictures, from my breakfast that day.






I had no Morrissey pool-side pictures on this post, but you can take a peek on this post. You better book from travel-agent or Agoda for the room, its so much cheaper than you book at the point :P.

Hope you don’t mind either for a small bonus ; sunset from top and my-first-iPhone-bokeh minutes after the sunset :)